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What does an altimeter measure?

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an altimeter is an aircraft instrument that measures the altitude/elevation above ground level.

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Does an altimeter measure height?

An altimeter actually measure brometric (atmospheric) pressure, which converts to height above sea level

How do you measure altitude?

Altitude is measured with an altimeter

What tools are used to measure elevation changes?

An altimeter.

What the function of haga altimeter?

Haga is the brand name. An altimeter is used to measure altitude, which is how high you are above sea level.

What is the use of altimeter?

It helps to measure altitude, especially in an airplane

Is altimeters a genetic disorder?

An altimeter is an instrument to measure the altitude.

What is the instrument used to measure the elevation?

It could be an altimeter or a GPS unit.

What is a antonym for for the word altimeter?

altimeter altimeter

How does the pilot use the altimeter when flying the Cessna bush plane?

to measure their altitude

What is the difference between altimeter and cabin altimeter?

The main difference between altimeter and cabin altimeter is the place where they take their pressure: Altimeter takes the pressure from static ports, while cabin altimeter takes it's pressure from the cabin.

What instrument is used to measure the height above sea level?

There are many, GPS, Altimeter, Theodolite etc.

What is an altimeter?

An altimeter is a piece of apparatus which measures someone's altitude.

What is the function of an altimeter?

An altimeter is an instrument which measures altitude. The standard altimeter measures altitude above sea level. The radar altimeter, however, measures altitude above ground level.

How do you measure the altitude of a plane from the ground?

There should be an altimeter in every plane. Or we can use sonar or some kind like that.

When Altimeter setting is the value to which the barometric pressure scale of the altimeter is set so the altimeter indicates?

true altitude at field elevation.

A sentence for altimeter?

My handheld GPS instrument has a barometric altimeter in it also.

What are example sentences for altimeter?

My GPS instrument contains a barometric altimeter.

How does an altimeter work?

An altimeter does not actually measure altitude directly, but rather just atmospheric pressure. So an altimeter is actually a barometer created for a specific purpose. See related link The altimeter measures the height above the ground and has a pointer which is adjustable depending in which air field you are taking off on. it measures the pressure of the air as you get higher off the ground the pressure reduces therefore it is able to determine your height above ground.

Use altimeter in a sentence?

My wristwatch has an altimeter, which as a backpacker, I find very useful.

What is the root word for altimeter?

An altimeter is an altitude measuring device (alti + meter).

How do you zero an altimeter for a 1989 Toyota 4Runner?

I want to see your 4runner if it has an altimeter in it! If so, what is the max altitude you can fly to? Did they really put an altimeter in 4 runners??

How do you use altimeter in a sentence?

my American friend Keith Giles has one which includes an altimeter

What does 'Altimeter 2992' mean?

Altimeter 2992 means that the air pressure is 29.92 in. HG. 29.92 in. HG. With this information, you would calibrate your altimeter to 29.92.

Notes about pulsed Doppler FM altimeter?

notes about pulsed Doppler radar FM altimeter

What does altimeter mean?

Altimeter indicates altitude of air craft from ground. they are known as radio altimeters.