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What does an anaesthesiologist do?

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An anaesthesiologist is a Doctor Who specializes in administering anesthesia, which is a drug used for patients in surgery that creates the loss of sensation, either partially or fully. This doctor is responsible for managing the patient before, during and after surgery.

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What is a anasteziologist?

An Anaesthesiologist administers Anaesthetic

What you called a person who gives patients anaesthetics?


What is the highest paid job in health-care?


What is an anaesthesiologist salary?

An anaesthesiologist makes 350,000-500,000 per year. Some I've heard make 600,000 py. But be prepared to study a long time (8-12 years).

How much school do you need to become an anesthsiologist?

For an anaesthesiologist, it is a specialist. You need to go through your general MD training, and then you will need to spend an additional 4-5 years in training for becoming an anaesthesiologist.

What is the average salary for an anaesthesiologist?

the website in related links may answer your question

What is an Anaesthesiologist?

An Anaesthesiologist (UK spelling) or Anesthesiologist (US spelling) is a Physician who specialises in the processes of relieving pain. These include administering anesthesia before surgery, giving epidurals, etc. They also supervise nurse anesthetists.

Are all anestegeologist nurses?

An anaesthesiologist, is a medical doctor trained to administer anesthesia.

Can you take oxycodone before anesthesia?

If you do, you should notify your anaesthesiologist that you have taken it before surgery (along with dosage and time).

How do you spell anistigeologist?

The medical doctor who provides anesthesia is an anesthesiologist. (also anesthetist)(The chiefly UK spelling is anaesthesiologist / anaesthetist.)

What education is required to become an anaesthesiologist?

Anaesthetists are physicians with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery i.e. MB ChB or MB BS.

I want to become a Air Force Physican an anaesthesiologist. Where should I get my education how should I join. how much will I make?

discuss this with an Airforce recruiter................

Random words that start with a?

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How many years of schooling for anaesthesiologist?

It takes approximately 8 years of schooling to become an anesthesiologist, plus 4 years of residency training. The 8 years includes an undergraduate degree, as well as a medical degree.

How much does an anaesthesiologist earn?

Anesthesiologists may be salaried by a hospital or clinic and/or receive compensation on an hourly rate.In 2009, the median expected salary for a typical Physician - Anaesthesiology in the United States is $292,045. (see also related link)Depending on experience, the actual position, and the location, hourly compensation can range from about $70 to $100 USD up to as much as $300 to $500 USD.----Other Answers----My mother is anaesthesiologist in France, she earn 270.000 Euro a year, and the mean is at 120.000 in France, it depend a lot of the choice Hospital or private clinic.----About $300 an hour. BUT to get there you better be one of the VERY BEST medical students in a very tough area of medical knowledge.----Well, anaesthesiologists get paid about 200 dollars an hour, and if you have your PH.d, then you get paid about 300 dollars an hour, totalling up to about 1.57 million a year.----Well, my dad is an anaesthesiologist and he makes about 5,000 each session. That equals about 5,000,000 a year----$70 an hour than you gradually work your way up----I am going through residency to become an anaesthesiologist. I made 50,000 my first year of residency and im in my second year now. My teacher is an anaesthesiologist and he makes around 300,000 but he's only just started the real job.----An anaesthesiologist in Minneapolis can make anywhere from $207,000 to $327,600, the typical salary is $267,000.----My dad's an anesthesiologist, and he makes $400,000Anesthesiologists make $145,600+ every year.Median salary: $292,000Top pay: $408,000The high pay for anesthesiologists reflects inherent stress in a job that is literally about life and death. "Anesthesiologists get patients safely and intact through operations while surgeons do things that would otherwise kill them, The big salaries are also a payback for the 12-plus years of training required before an anesthesiologist can start practicing:)

Is it safe to do carpal tunnel op on 83 year old with prostrate cancer?

This would depend on the condition of the patient, Surgeons and anaesthesiologist make sure that the procedure is carried out in safety for the patient it is both their legal and moral responsibility.

Can you eat before a general anesthetic?

No You should not eat for about 16 hours before going under general anesthetic. The anaesthesiologist takes this very seriously as a patient may bring up food during an operation which is dangerous.

How much does a anesthisiologist earn?

A nurse anesthetist (a nurse who goes on to specialize in anaesthesiology) makes a decent income ($100K+) An anaesthesiologist is an M.D. who goes on to specialize in anaesthesiology, so there's an awful lot of schooling involved (owes $350K+ for college loans).

What is a anesthesiolgists?

An anaesthetist (British English), or anesthesiologist (US English), also "anaesthesiologist," is a medical doctor trained to administer anesthesia and manage the medical care of patients before, during, and after surgery. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated at the bottom of this answer box.

Do you need to stop all medication you are taking before you go under anesthesia?

No, you should tell your anaesthesiologist all the drugs you're taking and he'll tell you what you should stop, and how much time before the intervention. Some medications should be taken and others should not. It is important to discuss this with your anesthesiologists. Do not interrupt medications unless your anesthesiologist or surgeon recommends it.

Who is Chaplain Ron L Abbott?

Chaplain Ron L. Abbott, M.Div., Ph.D.Hypnosis Success CoachBoard Certified Clinical - Medical HypnotherapistHypnotic Anaesthesiologist Pain Management SpecialistSmoking Cessation SpecialistNGH Certified in Pediatric HypnosisNGH Certified in Stroke Survivor HypnosisBoard Certified in Bariatric (Weight Loss) Hypnotherapy

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What qualifications do you need to be a anaesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists are Physicians who have undertaken specialty training to provide anaesthetic care to peri-operative patients. Typical training in North America requires a candidate: Complete an undergraduate degree (typically 4 years) Complete Medical School (a further 4 years) Complete a certified residency, a further 3-4 years after becoming an MD. Various registration and examination requirements depending on locale.

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Is General Anaesthetic scary having a general anaesthetic for the first time Petrified about being Put to Sleep what will it feel like also terrified of needles?

Hi I have had 3 general anaesthetics before and I can honestly say that they were not scary or negative at all. The routine first starts with you having to wear a hospital gown (wear knickers or pants if you're a boy cos it will show your bum!) and getting onto an operating table in your hospital room. Some numbing cream may be applied to the top of your hand if you are a child or if you ask for it. The anaesthesiologist will be there with you. Anaesthesiologists are specially trained doctors who only administer anaesthetics, so they are very advanced and know EXACTLY what they are doing. Once you are on the operating table, you will be taken down to the operating theatre. You will then be surrounded by your surgeon, the anaesthesieologist and other doctors. An IV will be attached to your hand but because you will be numbed, you will not feel a thing when the needle goes in. Next, you will be hooked up to the anaesthetic machine by the anaesthesiologist. They will then administer the anaesthetic slowly. You might feel a cold sensation in whichever arm it is administered in, but not usually, and if you do it is not uncomfortable, just odd feeling. Next, you should try counting back from 10 to 1. I bet you'll be asleep by the time you get to 6!! It is very pleasant, it just feels like you're entering a long awaited sleep - as if you are completely overtired and you just NEED to sleep. Your eyes will feel really really heavy. Next thing you know you'll be awake! It literally feels like you've blinked, not like you've slept for hours at all. You will wake up in the recovery room with your anaesthesiologist and a nurse to look after you for about 20 minutes. Try to refrain from talking, because whatever you DO say for a few minutes will just be rubbish, lol. First time I came around after an anaesthetic I asked where the plastic surgery part of the hospital was - I was 9 years old. You might feel a bit thirsty and if you are, ask for some water but sip it very very slowly - do not gulp it all down. You will probably feel groggy for an hour or so, and it is best to sleep this off. Within 6 hours you should be feeling back to normal, unless you had a particularly long operation. Hope it goes well! You have nothing to worry about!