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An anaesthesiologist is a Doctor Who specializes in administering anesthesia, which is a drug used for patients in surgery that creates the loss of sensation, either partially or fully. This doctor is responsible for managing the patient before, during and after surgery.

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Q: What does an anaesthesiologist do?
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What is a anasteziologist?

An Anaesthesiologist administers Anaesthetic

What you called a person who gives patients anaesthetics?


What is the highest paid job in health-care?


Do you have to have further education to be an anaesthesiologist?

You would definitely need to have further education to be an anaesthesiologist. These are doctors who have completed full medical training and choose to further their education to become anaesthesiologists.

What is an anaesthesiologist salary?

An anaesthesiologist makes 350,000-500,000 per year. Some I've heard make 600,000 py. But be prepared to study a long time (8-12 years).

What is the average salary for an anaesthesiologist?

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How much school do you need to become an anesthsiologist?

For an anaesthesiologist, it is a specialist. You need to go through your general MD training, and then you will need to spend an additional 4-5 years in training for becoming an anaesthesiologist.

Are all anestegeologist nurses?

An anaesthesiologist, is a medical doctor trained to administer anesthesia.

What is an Anaesthesiologist?

An Anaesthesiologist (UK spelling) or Anesthesiologist (US spelling) is a Physician who specialises in the processes of relieving pain. These include administering anesthesia before surgery, giving epidurals, etc. They also supervise nurse anesthetists.

Can you take oxycodone before anesthesia?

If you do, you should notify your anaesthesiologist that you have taken it before surgery (along with dosage and time).

How do you spell anistigeologist?

The medical doctor who provides anesthesia is an anesthesiologist. (also anesthetist)(The chiefly UK spelling is anaesthesiologist / anaesthetist.)

I want to become a Air Force Physican an anaesthesiologist. Where should I get my education how should I join. how much will I make?

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