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Q: What does an eggplant press look like?
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What does the inside of a bad eggplant look like?

The inside of an eggplant gone bad would look like brown and white marble. White being the natural color of the inside of the eggplant and the brown showing it has gone bad.

Why does your guinea pig look like shes pregnant?

She will be an eggplant shape.

What shape is a eggplant?

A eggplant is oval shaped and is almost always purple colored. They can also look like a crooked oval shaped fruit.

What does the inside of an eggplant look like?

What is an eggplant press?

An eggplant press is a device similar to a wine press that is used to "press" or squeeze the liquid from sliced eggplants prior to canning. The pressing removes the excess liquid from the eggplants as well as makes them paper thin ideal for canning.

What does the color abergine look like?

Purple. An abergine is the French word for what Americans call eggplant.

What does an egg plant look like?

Egg plants are a deep purple, and shaped a lot like a squash, but there are different types which look very's a link if you want to check one out:eggplant

What does an eggplant look like?

It looks like a Big Purple Egg with green on topmore information:The eggplant got its name from a variety that produces small oval white fruit that look very much like eggs. The familiar eggplant we find in U.S. markets is a variety known as "aubergine." The eggplant belongs to the Solanaceae plant family along with tomatoes, potatoes and hollow peppers. See the link below for photos and more information.

How does an eggplant reproduce?

An eggplant produces fruit. The seeds are inside, like a tomato.

What does a bad eggplant taste like when it goes bad?

Like a normal eggplant because it tastes bad to begin with.

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Why are eggplant called eggplant?

The eggplant (also called an aubergine) got its name back in 18th century Europe from the farmers who grew them, because some varieties of eggplant actually look like off-white/yellowish goose eggs. The elongated deep purple eggplant is the most common seen in the United States, but Thai eggplants for instance are the same shape, size, and relative color as goose or hen eggs.

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What should you do with an overripe eggplant?

Roasted eggplant never tastes bad, especially when you serve it with a lot of tomato sauce. Go to and look for "oven roasted eggplant" for recipes. Use plenty of salt.

What did the first printing press look like?

The first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.

What does an eggplant look like inside?

An egg plant looks inside just as its mum but if it was a flower it would be the same couler unless it is closed

What does inside eggplant look like?

An egg plant looks inside just as its mum but if it was a flower it would be the same couler unless it is closed

What does an eggplant taste like?

It tastes like chicken to me.

What does eggplant taste like?

taste good

What does a hogarth press look like?

It would be better stated "What did the Hogarth Press look like?"The Hogarth Press was a company, not a specific type of printing press.See and

What would look better with brown hair blond streaks or eggplant streaks?

Blond streaks would look more natural because golden highlights are more commonly found in brown hair than eggplant highlights.

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Why is an eggplant called a eggplant?

eggplant is eggplant jus cos god liked the name

What is a good eggplant recipe?

Eggplant is extremely healthy and is also very tasty. A great recipe is to make eggplant lasagna. You basically replace the pasta with eggplant. You will need eggs, water, crisco oil tomato sauce salt and cajun. Make it just like you would a lasagna.

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