What does ancient greek architecture tell about their beliefs?

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Architects strived for precision and excellence which were the hallmarks of Greek art in general, and this centred on their respect for the gods and their intervention in human affairs.
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How did Roman architecture differ from Greek architecture?

The Greek architecture is the basis of the Roman's architecture. *Roman architecture was influenced by Greek architecture, but waschanged into a new style. Both Roman and Greek architecture areconsidedered classical, although the Romans invented new buildingmaterial such as concrete and cement, whi ( Full Answer )

How does the ancient Greek belief in the three graces effect our society today?

ancient greek effects us in many ways. we got the jullian calendar with 365 from non other the Caesar himself. even simple things like the wedding ring was originally from them. Most all of our langauge was thanks to the latin they spoke. examples: muscle meant mouse for muscles look like little mic ( Full Answer )

What is the influence of Greek architecture on modern architecture?

Greek architecture, one the earliest forms of architecture style. The Greek architects perfected and refined the use of columns, primarily in temples. There are three types of column styles based on the three main Greek Orders of architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These styles of co ( Full Answer )

How did Greek architecture affect our architecture today?

The greatest contribution of Greek Architecture is the use of the columns, which we still use today. They also contributed the development of limestone, marble, and concrete as a building material.

How did Greek architecture influence modern architecture?

In two ways. (1) Directly: In certain periods, such as the "Greek Revival" (1820s, I believe), Greek architecture was directly imitated. (2) Indirectly - Greek architecture influenced Roman architecture, which influenced Renaissance architecture (apx 16th c.) and neo-Classical architecture (17-18th ( Full Answer )

Describe greek architecture?

hitectural sculpture showed a development from early Archaic examples through Severe Classical, High Classical, Late Classical and Hellenistic. [1] Remnants of the Archaic architectural sculpture (700 - 500 BC) exist from the early 6th century BC with the earliest surviving pedimental sculpture bei ( Full Answer )

Construction materials used in ancient architecture of greek?

Common materials of Greek architecture were wood, used for supports and roof beams; plaster, used for sinks and bathtubs; unbaked brick, used for walls, especially for private homes; limestone and marble, used for columns, walls, and upper portions of temples and public buildings; terracotta, used f ( Full Answer )

What were the religious beliefs of the Ancient Greeks?

They didn't really have any beliefs. Their tales of Gods and Goddesses on Mount Olympus and all the mythology weren't taken seriously. They were originally meant as moral tales, but soon became entertainment.

What can you tell me about the ancient greek Olympics?

Well I know this lot... They began in 776 BC There was a special oath to Zeus that all athletes had to make. The oath was saying that you'd trained for the ten months. There were ten Hellenodikai(game organisers) watching the oath. They were played in a village at the foot of Mount Olympus, ca ( Full Answer )

How did the ancient Greeks tell time?

They knew the time by looking at the shadow cast by a tree, a rock, or even their own body and that meant it was long early in the morning and grew shorter and shorter until it disappeared when the sun was overhead in the middle of the day. They also would have noticed that the shadow grew longer ag ( Full Answer )

Some good Ancient Greece sites that tell you about beliefs?

here are some sites for ancient Greece they are not all about beliefs but they still might help you http://www.schoolsliaison.org http://www.canadianlawsite.ca http://www.historyforkids.org http://www.workablepeace.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relh http://www.gr ( Full Answer )

What were the Greeks beliefs?

The Ancient Greeks were pagans. They worshipped 12 major Gods/Goddesses and many minor ones. The most important of the 12 were the 3 brothers: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They were the most important. Zeus was ruler of the air/heavens, thus being the King of the Gods. Poseidon was ruler of the Seas. ( Full Answer )

Why greek architecture is called classical architecture?

Classical is a strange word to define. For the purpose of talking about Greek architecture, Classical means that it was made during the time period that is called classical antiquity. This generally includes Roman and Etruscan architecture as well. One could say that a Greek temple was a classical ( Full Answer )

What feature of ancient greek architecture is commonly seen in public buildings in the US today?

the mostcommon type of greek arcgitecture is thecatoliphas which was invented by atonimas in the last 1100. it wasused in all greek buildings until the war of alcomost titus in the1200. if you travel to greece it is very common that you should seethese buildings in ruin or maybe in good condition. i ( Full Answer )

What are Characteristics of ancient Greek architecture?

There are three main types of Greek architecture, Doric, Ionic andCorinthian. Doric style tended to have a plain capital, Ioniccolumns always have bases and have narrower flutes, Corinthian issimilar to Ionic, however they have highly decorated capitals.

How did Greek architecture influenced modern architecture?

Greek architecture, one the earliest forms of architecture style. The Greek architects perfected and refined the use of columns, primarily in temples. There are three types of column styles based on the three main Greek Orders of architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These styles of column ( Full Answer )

Are ancient greek paintings art or architecture?

There were paintings in ancient greece, but due to decomposition we dont have many findings. Well preserved paintings (in walls) we can find in the palace of Knossos (Minoan civilization).

What are the Greeks beliefs?

Modern Greeks are mostly Greek Orthodox, a form of Christianity, but really they can be anything that Americans can be. Of course, if you mean ancient Greeks, we've all heard of the Greek gods, like Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Hera, etc.

What is special about ancient Greek architecture?

Virtually all buildings in ancient Greece, including homes, were built in accordance to the golden section (1.618), or rather, mathematical principles that dictate that the measurements of a building have to equal that number. A rectangular shape, or triangular one, is only "beautiful" if after runn ( Full Answer )

Does European architecture evolved from greek architecture?

Some of European architectural styles were influenced by Greco-Roman styles. The Italian Renaissance was a period of rediscovery of the classics (Romans and Greeks). Many famous architects of the time were influenced by Roman architecture, which in turn had been influenced by Greek architecture. Som ( Full Answer )

What is a religious belief of the ancient Greeks as seen in their myths?

You should understand that what we describe today as Greek mythology was the religion of the ancient Greeks; to them it was not mythology, it was reality. The gods of ancient Greece were thought to actually exist, and to live on Mount Olympus, and to watch over and meddle in human lives, as describe ( Full Answer )

What were ancient Greeks beliefs relating to death?

The Greeks feared death. The journey after death was to a land known as Hades, ruled by a god named Hades. The first part of the journey required crossing the river Styx by being buried with a coin for the boatman Charon. Next, Cereberus, the three-headed guard dog, would have to be appeased with ho ( Full Answer )

What contribution did the Greeks make to architecture?

After copying styles from principally Egypt they developed within acentury from wood to stone. They worked out how to establish stablefoundations,and learnt such things as sloping the outside columnsslightly inwars so that they looked vertical, used lead around theiron pins to stop rusting iron expa ( Full Answer )

What are the factors for development of Greek architecture?

They began with wooden structures, upright poles with crossbeams.This morphed into stone columns and stone crossbeams to save havingto replace the wood regularly. They also had an artistic yen whichadded the adornment of these basic structures with add-on offascias, frescoes, artwork and paint. The ( Full Answer )

What was the religious belief of the ancient Greeks?

The usual one - of a range of gods with different roles, headed bythe high god Zeus. The gods of the western world were similar, andthey recognised that they were the same gods under different names,ie Greek Zeus = Roman Jupiter. It was not until the emergence ofthe Jewish, Christian and Islamic sin ( Full Answer )

How was Greek architecture similar to Roman architecture?

There were many Greek city-states established i Italy before Romeexpanded to take over the peninsula (eg Naples was Greek, name camefrom the Greek nea = new, polis = city). When the Romans absorbedthese cities, it also absorbed much of their culture, includingarchitecture.

Explain the origins of Greek culture and five distinctive characteristics of ancient Greek culture as related to architecture philosophy history literature and religion.?

Culture evolves in societies where there is a surplus of foodproduction and attention can be devoted to it rather than meresurvival. This occurred in the Greek world in the First MillenniumBCE. This developed in the fields of politics, architecture,philosophy, literature, religion and science. It al ( Full Answer )