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Q: What does and right now its a steel knife in your windpipe means?
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Does a sharpening steel ever get dull and need to be replaced?

== A knife sharpening steel can be reconditioned with a fine grade sandpaper.== Generally, no, a butcher's steel does not get "dull" and need replacing. A sharpening steel is just a piece of hardened steel that is used to reset the edge on a knife. Every knife, regardless of the brand, quality or method of sharpening, ends up with an edge that (at some power of magnification) looks like a saw. Little "teeth" stick out, and this is the business end of the blade. As a knife is used, the "teeth" (which are sometimes called "feathers"), bend. And you can see where we're going. The sharpening steel is a big chunk of hardened steel (with or sometimes without the "groves" in it) that is used to realign the feathers of the edge. It bends them back into alignment along the edge to restore the ability of the knife to cut efficiently. The steel is highly unlikely to wear out in a users lifetime. Some sharpening steels have been hanging in butcher shops for decades and are in fine shape, even though they have been (and continue to be) used multiple times in a day. Bon appétit!

What is the most expensive folding knife?

a knife made from ROCKSTEAD SHIN DLC its over 500 Dollars because his steel is very hard almost unbreakable and made by samurais

Is stainless steel cheap?

No, not in all situations but on a knife made in China it is. It's 1.00 at Wal-Mart.

Why stainless steel knives do not harm granite cutting boards?

Most of the cheaper stainless steel knives are made out of lower grade steel, softer than granite. They will dull quite quickly in that service. True knife steel, the 440 series MAY scratch the granite, depending on the quality, which one of the 440's its made out of and how it was heat treated.

What elements a knife made out of?

Majority of the knives are made out of steel, an iron based alloy. However, several other types of materials are used in various types of knives such as titanium and cobalt based alloys, still metal, but not steel. Glass, obsidian, plastic and ceramics are also used in knifemaking. For more information regarding knife steels and other alloys check the attached links.

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What mineral can be scratched with a steel knife or window glass?

apatite with a steel knife feldspar with window glass

Is a knife conductible?

A knife is conductible as the blade is made of steel.

What is a Swiss army knife made of?

A Swiss army knife is made of stainless steel.

What is asp 60 steel?


How hard is a steel knife on Mohs hardness scale?

A typical steel knife would be in the 5-5.5 range on the Mohs scale.

What type of knife does Ziva use on NCIS?

pocket Knife i belive, that is the only knife she carries on her the knife she shows on her first episode and throws at the civil war re-enacters looks like a Cold Steel Kobun.

Where can I buy a stainless steel knife block in Miami, Florida?

I doubt that you will be able to find a stainless steel knife block anywhere. Knife blocks are made of wood or plastic so that they cause minimal damage to a knife when inserting it in the block. A stainless steel knife block would not only be incredibly heavy, it would damage the knife blades whenever one was inserted or removed.

Who is the top knife company?

Cold steel

Why is a knife made of metal?

The steel blade of a knife will hold a sharp cutting edge.

Where can someone find a Bushman Cold Steel knife?

A Bushman Cold Steel Knife may be found at the website of the outdoor gear store Cabela's. One may also find this type of knife at Knife Depot, Midway USA, Knife Center and Zombie Hunters.

Can an austentite surgical steel bar of about a cm in depth stop a bullet or a knife?

Yes, an austentite steel bar would stop both a bullet and a knife.

An instrument consisting of a thin blade of steel?