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Depending on the context, if someone says to you "animo!", it usually means "Chin up!" or "Cheer up!" It's also a way to encourage someone or cheer someone on.

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Q: What does animo mean in English?
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What does the latin phrase viet animo mean in english?

By strength and courage

Can you translate animo from latin to English?

Animo means mind (n.)

What does 'estado de animo' mean in English?

mood as in what mood you are in

What does Vi et animo mean in English word?

"What does Vi et animo mean in English word?" Answer: Most commonly translated as: BY STRENGTH AND COURAGE However, "I live and breath" and "with heart & soul" are other found translations.

What is 'animo et fide' in English?

By courage and faith is the English equivalent of 'Animo et fide'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'animo' means 'by courage'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'fide' means 'by faith'.

What is 'Aux Animo' in English?

Help to the soul may be the English translation of 'aux animo'. But the English translation assumes 'aux' as an abbreviation for 'auxilium'. In the word by word translation, the word 'auxilium' is a neuter noun in the nominative singular, and means 'help'. The word 'animo' is a masculine noun in the dative singular, and means 'to the soul'.

What does animo firar mean on a 12 gage shot gun?

Animo is (was) a shotgun manufacturer in Eibar Spain. Most likely your shotgun is a side by side model.

What language is Vi Et Animo?

This is in Latin, and one of the few translations in English is "with heart and soul."

What does animo mean in spanish?

It means you arent looking forward to something, as in you dont intend to.

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Mind in latin?


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What does animo virum pudicae non oculo eligent mean?

Prudent women will choose a man with their mind(s), not their eye(s).

What are the building blocks of proteins and how many are there?

animo acids

What is the Latin 'Labitur ex animo benefactum iniuria numquam' in English?

"Whoever makes a mistake out of good intentions never causes harm" is the English equivalent of "Labitur ex animo benefactum iniuria numquam."Specifically, the verb "labitur" means "to err, fall, glide, slide." The preposition "ex" means "from, out of." The masculine gender noun "animo" means "from, by/through, with the soul, the principle of life, the mind." The adjective "benefactum" means "made." The feminine gender noun "iniuria" means "injury, wrong." The adverb "numquam" means "at no time, never."

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What animo spirit means?

Animo is the only Latin word, and it may have several possible translations, depending on context. Since 'spirit' is in the same question, I'll assume that sense is the one. 'Animo' is either dative or ablative singular; most likely ablative. That would make the translation: By means of the spirit.

What is the definition of tutus prompto animo?

Safe in an active mind

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