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What does ants in your pants mean?

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If someone has ants in their pants, it means they are excited, agitated or worried and can't keep still.

For example, "She has ants in her pants because she is going to Europe tomorrow." means she is very excited to go to Europe.

"John has ants in his pants because his teacher wanted to speak to his mother." means that John is worried as his teacher is speaking to his mother.

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What does pants pants mean on Tough Turkey Teasers?

ants in youre pants

What is the figures of speech mean for ants in his pants?


Sentences using ants in your pants?

You have ants in your pants.

When was Ants in the Pants created?

Ants in the Pants was created in 1969.

What is the duration of Ants in Your Pants?

The duration of Ants in Your Pants is 1380.0 seconds.

When did Ants in Your Pants end?

Ants in Your Pants ended on 2008-02-27.

When was Ants in Your Pants created?

Ants in Your Pants was created on 1997-11-01.

What does the idiom ants in the pants mean?

if you had ants in your pants you would be squirming about. You would be a fidget, cannt sit stillIt could also mean that you are very excited or your jumping around like your trying to get something out of your pants.== == Not really, the term means to be fidgety, or very excited.

What do ants wear Pants explain joke?

P"ants." The word "pants" is the noun for the items you wear on your legs, but it has the word "ants" in it.

What does ansty mean?

Excited, or shaking in a crazy fashion; does the phrase "Ants in your pants" help?

Example of idiomatic expression ants in your pants in a sentence?

We will be there in a few minutes, stop acting like you have ants in your pants!

What does ants in your pants mean as afigure of speech?

It means agitated or nervous.

Why do people say have you got Ants in your Pants?

It is said of a person who cannot sit still, almost as if they had ants crawling in their pants.

How do you say there are ants in your pants in French?

The French translation for "there are ants in your pants" is: Il y a des fourmis dans votre pantalon. If you wanted to say "there are ants in my pants", then it would be: Il y a des fourmis dans mon pantalon.

He has ants in his pants meaning?

The phrase "ants in his pants" can be used in different contexts with slightly different meanings in each. Its root meaning, however, is "agitated" or "excited". A person who simply "can't sit still" is someone who may be said to have "ants in his pants".

What is another idiom for ants in the pants?

Ants in the pants means that someone can't sit still. Imagine if they actually had ants crawling around inside their pants! You might also say someone was bouncing off the walls, or couldn't sit still.

What is the origin of the idiom ants in your pants?

Meaning: extreme restlessness; over-activityOrigin: One can easily imagine where this saying came from. What if you had ants in your pants? You would find it difficult to settle down. You'd keep squirming to get rid of the ants.Example: "You never sit still. You must have ants in your pants."

What is an idiom for the word ant?

Ants in your pants

What common daily uses are there for the idiom ants in your pants?

When you're in class and someone is fidgeting, you can say "You act like you've got ants in your pants."

What part of speech is ants in his pants?

"Ants in his pants" is not a part of speech but a figure of speech. A part of speech would be a noun, a verb, a preposition, or an article. A figure of speech is a metaphor, a simile, etc. "Ants in his pants" is a metaphor for being extremely uncomfortable and squirmy!

What is the origin of the expression the ants pants?

The term "ants in your pants" is used to describe someone who is fidgety. It originated as a comparison to someone moving around to ease the discomfort of having insects crawling around in their pants.

What figure of speech is he has ants in his pants?

u have to kill them

Ants in his pants figure of speech?

it means you are restless

What the underlined figure of speech mean?

could eat a horse

Which real rap song does Disney's Squirrels In My Pants from Phineas and Ferb sound like?

Ants in my pants