What does approximatley mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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it means estimation about or nearly estimation is my best answer

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Q: What does approximatley mean?
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What is another word for approximatley?

about,or almost

What is the approximatley the high tides?


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approximatley 45.2%

How liters in a half gallon?

Approximatley 1.893 liters.

What is the population in Brazil in 2009?

approximatley 170million in 2009

What in dollars is 56 pounds of quarters?

Approximatley $1130

When was hanging invented?

approximatley 1000 years ago

How meany people blind in India 2013?

approximatley 2,148,375.73

How many girls are there in England?

there are approximatley 10million girls in this world

How many people smoke in Britain?

approximatley 13 milion

The distance to South Korea from south Africa?

Approximatley 13,000km

How many miles is from Boston to Moscow?

approximatley 11 lamps