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Article 2 of the Constitution outlines presidential and vice presidential, terms of office, succesion, duties, oath of office, impeachment, and executive powers.

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Article 2 give information about the President ;)

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Article II.

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Q: What does article 1 of the us constitution say about the president?
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What duties of the us president are detailed in article of the us constitution?

The Second Article (Article II ) gives this information.

What part of the US Constitution contains the responsibilities of the president of the US?

Article II

The duties of the us president detailed in article XI of the us constitution?


Article 1 of the Constitution defines the president as?

Article 1 of the US Constitution defines the President as the executive branch. It also gives the President the power to veto bills by Congress.

What is the purpose of Article II of the Constitution?

Article II of the Constitution deals mainly with the powers and duties of the President who heads the executive branch of the US government.

In what Article of the US Constitution wills you find the powers of the President?

Article II, which provides for the powers of the Executive Branch

Which part of the Constitution identifies the three written qualifications for President of the US?

Article II

What does article two of the US Constitution concern?

Article II of the Constitution addresses the authority of the President and the Executive branch of government. One power assigned the President is the ability to nominate US Supreme Court justices and Article III federal judges, with the "advice and consent" of the Senate.

What does The US Constitution say about congress?

ARTICLE 1, the first one :)

Which document lays out the requirements to be the POTUS?

The US Constitution, Article 2, section 1, clause 5 gives the qualifications for president.

Article 18 of the constitution?

There is no Article 18 of the US Constitution.

The Presidency and the President's Cabinet is defined in what article of the Constitution?

Article Two (2) of the great constitution of our great country the United States of America