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What you are trying to say is "Hasta mañana mi amor." This translates as "Untill tomarrow my love."

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Q: What does as ta manana mi am-or mean?
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What does tu no ta pa mi mean?

it means "you are not for me"

What does mi amour para siempro Tu er-es para mi yo soy para ti Te entrego mi vida y mi amour has-ta El fin mean in English?

My love for ever. You are for me, I am for you. I deliver you my life and love till the end. (Note: it's spelled wrong though. It should read: mi amor para siempre. Tú eres para mi. Yo soy para ti. Te entrego mi vida y mi amor hasta el fin.")

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How do you say i love you in papiamento?

In Papiamento, "I love you" is said as "Mi stimabo bo."

What does chichi ta bonita donde esta mi amore?

nice ta chichi where my love

What is hola mia mol como es ta te es tra ño mu cho te amo?

¿Hola mi amor, como estas? Te extraño mucho. Te amo. Hello my love, how are you? I miss you a lot. I love you.

Porque tu ta ri necesita tamen you encontra Algeria y amor?

Porque tu ta ri necesita tamen you encontra Algeria y amour

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These phrases translate to: "Mi día va bien" --> My day is going well. "Qué tal tu día" --> How is your day.

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