What does ate afghan style mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What does ate afghan style mean?
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What does the Afghan word khan mean?


What does the name nazia mean in Afghan?

The name Nazia in Afghan means "proud" or "arrogant."

What does the afghan boys are thinking about girls?

When someone says that an Afghan boy is thinking about a girl they mean that they are interested in marrying them. This is usual in Afghanistan.

What does the name omaid mean?

The name Omaid is a Afghan name. The name Omaid is a popular boy name in Afghan the name means hope.

What does it mean when an afghan is touching your hand and shoulder?

Then your shawl is about the right size.

What does-ate mean?

Ate is the second form of eat.

What are words that mean the same as ate?

ate can also mean eaten, eat, and ya

What does the names Hedayat mean?

Hedayat means guide and it is commonly an Afghan name

What does pashtana mean?

Afghan or Pashtun woman. Can also means Afghans or Pashtuns plural.

What is a native from Kabul called?


When was The Afghan created?

The Afghan was created in 2006.

What does grandma's afghan mean?

Usually your grandma (that's either your Dad's Mum or your Mum's Mum you know) has made a blanket by knitting or crocheting wool or yarn. That kind of blanket is called an afghan.