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This are the different audio streams, on a DVD there can be different Audiostreams for example the language stream in English represents audio 1, spanish audio 2 french audio 3 and German audio 4 and so on.

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Q: What does audio on a DVD mean it says audio 1 audio 2 audio 3?
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How do you convert dual audio VOB file into Dual audio mkv file?

Solution 1. Use WonderFox DVD Video Converter to load your dual audio VOB file > keep the dual audio tracks > export as dual audio MKV at once. Solution 2. Rip DVD VOB to MKV (dual audio) with MakeMKV first and compress it with HandBrake later.

When is love and other drugs on DVD?

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Timmy Says 1 - 10000 Gb

How to make Sony DVD player play DVD containing mp3 files it says cannot play?

Got following solution from some other forum: Goland Audio DVD Creator Music DVD Creator v1.0 These are program which convert mp3 to DVD-audio files which can be played in every home DVD player or PC DVD player. Of course you can burn the mp3 to data-DVD and maybe your home DVD player can read mp3, but since a lot of mp3 are gathered illegally round the web you can end up with lots of differences in audio loudness forcing you to push the volume button endlessly. With the programs mentioned you can add a wallpaper so you can watch tv with a different picture with every other song. Id recommend a DVD home cinema set: your DVD player is connected to your receiver then, so you always have audio even when the tv is off. The only advantage of burning mp3 to audio DVD is that you can store a lot of music on 1 DVD (but not as much as on a plane mp3 data DVD disk) and that the audio level of the individual files is balanced. TIP: search edonkey for those files or try to find a freeware version of it.

Does a Chrysler 300 stock radio have audio hook ups?

You can input an audio through the DVD entertainment system in the back seat. A 1/8" to RCA cable will work for most audio devices.

How do you hook up a VCR and DVD recorder to a TV?

You have easy two options. 1: if your TV has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the Video/Audio ports on the TV. Connect the Antenna/cable from the wall to the input on the VCR and then connect a cable from the output of the VCR to the TV. Put the TV on 3 or 4 to watch the VCR and on Video to watch the DVD 2: If your TV does not have Video/Audio inputs then connect the DVD to the VCR Video/Audio inputs and connect the VCR to the TV as described in option. TO watch DVD select the DVD as the input for the VCR and then turn the TV to CH 3 or 4.

Edit DVD with a Mac?

DVD Converter Ultimate for Mac enables you to Rip DVD to all popular video and audio formats and save to computer, convert all video formats from one to another, copy ANY DVD you have with 1:1 ratio, burn DVD movies, edit video files and create DVDs with custom DVD menus on Mac OS X.

How do you make a DVD from a DVD?

Using a audio DVD extractor like Handbrke to do this job ...

Can you copy a DVD rom disc?

First, take note that copying a DVD may break certain copyright laws depending on country and your use of the copy.Keep in mind that a number of movies are placed on dual-layer discs or DVD-9s that may only be copied by utilizing a dual-layer recordable drive. If you want to fit the DVD on a single-layer recordable DVD, this may be done with certain copying software that will recompress the material but don't expect that the quality of the video will be the same.By just copying the files from a DVD to a recordable DVD disc, you will probably end up with a disc that will not play on a regular DVD player. This is because the files must be set in a particular order and in particular areas on the disc. There is some DVD writing software that can accomplish this task but there is software that can not. So do not expect that you can simply copy the .VOB and .IFO files.There are a number of programs available that utilize a single recordable DVD drive in order to copy a whole disc. For a step-by-step guide on how to copy 1:1 DVD to a blank DVDR click here.If you are interested in just copying the audio of a DVD disc read on:In order to take just the audio from a DVD you need to make use of a DVD ripping tool. This DVD ripping tool will enable you to rip or extract the needed audio files from the DVD. After which you must utilize a utility in order to convert the audio files into MP3 or another format, or to burn the audio onto a CD.Another option you may use is connecting an audio recorder to the audio output of a DVD player.What about extracting video?There are software utilities which may not only extract audio but also video from a disc in order to create a new disc. Another option is to connect your DVD player to a DVD video recorder, but you may encounter problems with this alternative in cases where the recorder detects signals from the DVD player which may stop it from recording. Still, there are also types of DVD Authoring Software which can primarily import video from DVD discs which are unprotected.

What is wrong with your Virtual Reality Cd player it won't play DVD's Anymore it says wrong region after the DVD is inserted?

go into the options and set your DVD to your region north America is usually region 1

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