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Hail and Farewell. ave=hail. et=and. vale=farewell. The phrase is taken from poem 101 by Gaius Valerius Catullus [c. 84-c. 54 B.C.], about a visit to his brother's tomb. The poem's ending line is "atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale" is often translated as "But now for all time, my brother, hail and farewell." Much much later, the phrase was repeated in the poem "Frater, Ave Atque Vale" by Alfred Lord Tennyson [August 6, 1809-October 6, 1892].

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Q: What does ave et vale mean in Latin?
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What is the English translation of 'Ave Et Salve'?

Hi. Bye. or, more formally, hail and farewell.Actually 'bye' is vale. Salve et ave, is; Hail and welcome, hello, well met.

What are the Latin lyrics to Ave Maria?

The Latin Lyrics to Ave Maria are as follows: "Ave Maria-Gratia plena-Maria, gratia plena-Maria, gratia plena--Ave, ave dominus-Dominus tecum-Benedicta tu in mulieribus-Et benedictus--Et benedictus fructus ventris-Ventris tuae, Jesus-Ave Maria--Ave Maria-Mater Dei-Ora pro nobis peccatoribus-Ora pro nobis, Ora, ora pro nobis peccatoribus--Nunc et in hora mortis-Et in hora mortis nostrae-Et in hora mortis nostrae-Et in hora mortis nostrae-Ave Maria"

What does the latin word et mean?


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Ave MariaGratia plenaMaria, gratia plenaMaria, gratia plenaAve ave dominusDominus tecumIn mulieribusEt benedictusEt benedictusFructus ventrisVentris tui JsusAve MariaAve MariaSancta MariaMaria mater DeiMaria mater DeiOra ora pronobisPeccatoribusNunc et nunc et in horaNunc et in hora mortisNunc et in hora mortis nostraeIn hora mortis nostraeAve Maria:))

What does the latin phrase cor et mean?

It seems to be incomplete. "Cor et" means "Heart and".

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