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What does aye mean?

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It means "yes."

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What does aye mean in Christ was born for Aye?

For aye means "forever."

What does spanish aye aye aye mean?

ITS MEANS HEYY HEYY HEYY hahhahahah love u guys

Does SE mean Sweden?


What does aye you tengo soledad mean?

i have soledad

What does aye mean in spanish?

its means everywhere

What is the habitat of a Aye-Aye?

an aye aye lives in Madagascar

What eats the aye-aye?

The fossa and humans eat the aye-aye.

What is the height of the aye-aye?

the height of the aye aye is 319.5 milimeter

What does fowk aye mean in Scots?

FOWK AYE (family always). This not Scottish Gaelic but the Scottish dialect of English.

Is an aye aye poisonous?

no aye aye is not poisonous.

Is an aye aye a producer?

No, the aye-aye is not a producer.

What is the difference between the terms aye and aye aye?

an aye aye is an animal aye means yes or voter

What is a aye-aye?

The aye-aye is a endangered lemur found in the rainforests of Madagascar.

Where do aye aye live?

aye aye live in Madagascar

Does a aye aye live in the rain forest?

Aye aye!

What is the difference between an aye aye and a kimodo dragon?

a komodo is a reptile and a aye aye is a Lemur.a komodo can kill you an aye aye would find that difficultan aye aye is nocturnala komodo is from komodo island and an aye aye is from Madagascaran aye aye eats mainly fruit and insects, a komodo eats meat

What does àidh mean in Scottish Gaelic?

Aye (yes)

What is the intresting fact aboy aye-aye?

"aye-aye" is a naval term to acknowledge that a command has been understood.The aye-aye is a lemur, native to Madagascar.

Is an Aye-Aye a mammal?

Yes, an aye-aye is a mammal.

Where are aye ayes on the food chain?

what is a aye aye on the food web what is a aye aye on the food web

How did the printing press change change the power of those who where in leadership?

.............................................................. aye aye aye aye aye.........................................

What type of cell is a aye-aye?

The aye-aye is not a cell, it is a type of lemur--a primate from Madagascar.

What are the signs of interdependence in the aye-aye?

The aye-aye sometimes pollinates flowers by collecting nectar.

What is the song called that they play in the abercrombie kids stores that goes aye eo aye aye aye aye aye aye eo?

On their website, they have a playlist. Their song should be there.

Do the aye-aye climb trees?

Yes. Aye-aye are arboreal.

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