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What does balance 32 cm exactly mean for racquet data?



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According the website (refer to the link, below1), "the number indicates the distance between the midpoint of the racquet's length and the actual point at which it balances". In other words, if that point is exactly in the middle of the racquet, as measured from the bottom of the racquet grip butt to the top of the racquet head, then it is considered "(evenly) balanced"; if that point is closer to the head of the racquet, then it is considered "head heavy"; if that point is closer to the grip (i.e., away from the head), then it is considered "head light". Without knowing the exact year, make, and model of racquet of which the question refers, it is impossible to determine which of the three from "balance 32 cm (exactly?)2", alone, means. 1 - After viewing the definition on that page, scroll down to "Related Articles". 2 - It is not clear as to whether the word "exactly" is an adjective for "balance 32 cm", or if the word is superfluous in "exactly mean". Although the word "exactly" is almost never given in such information, it cannot be presumed that the manufacturer added it solely for advertising purposes.