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What does bar stand for in browning rifles?


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Browning Automatic Rilfe

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BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle

BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle, not browning association rifle.

Still are for special orders.Browning had the BAR semi-auto sporting rifles made there from 1967-1976.

Your browning BAR with a M70 suffix dates your browning BAR to 1970,not 1952.The first browning BAR rifles were made in 1967.A browning BAR rifle is valued at between 400-600 dollars for a grade I rifle with a 60%-90% original finish and a good bore.

the B.A.R. stands for Browning automatic rifle

The Browning BAR model and the bolt action lineup that included the Safari and the Medalion.

Your Browning BAR semi-auto rifle was one of the first ones made and imported from Belgium in the year 1967.The M7 suffix is the indicator of the year of manufacture.In 1967 Browning began selling the BAR line of rifles.

There were many United States and foreign built M1918 Browning Automatic Rifles, or BAR, for short. At least 100,000 thousand units between Browning and overseas licensed armories were built. Due to foreign manufacture the exact and final numbers are not known.

Grade is just the type of engraving, wood and finish. You can take a look at the Browning website or check with the Browning Consumer Department at 800.333.3288 or 801.876.2711

The 2 letters in your serial number PN indicate that your Browning BAR was made in the year 1989.This will show that your Browning BAR was made in Belgium put assembled in Portugal.Most BAR rifles of this age will go for between 475-650 dollars on today,s market depending on overall condition,a good bore and most original finish remaining on the rifles wood and metal.

The general value of these rifles is between 375-550 dollars,depending on overall condition.

The MSRP is between $1000 and $1150 on current BAR Hi Power rifles. The link to the Browning on line catalog is below.

They used sub machine guns, sniper rifles, rifles, pistols, anti tank weapons, and machine rifles. Examples: The Thompson, BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), M1A1 Carbine, etc....

Not published. You can direct the question to Browning's Service Dept in Arnold, MO.

Most browning BAR rifles have been selling for between 400-550 dollars depending on the overall condition of the rifle and a good bore.

The Browning wwebsite, under customer service, has serial number ranges for different firearms. Yu should find yours there. VERY nice rifles, great caliber.

Simply that it was a grade II. Grade I guns had a blued trigger

Browning made the first sucessful semi auto shotgun over 100 years ago, along with semi auto rifles (BAR from WW 1) pistols (Browning Hi Power from 1935) and machine guns (.50 caliber Browning)

Besides a number of books published on Browning, and some of the gun collector forums (google Browning collectors) you might start with Browning. They have a website, and are still in business making very nice rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

When the bar was first made in 1967,the rifles were not made in 257 Roberts.They were made in 243 Winchester,because of the popularity of that cartridge which made the 257 Roberts pretty much overlooked.

The Sako made Browning rifles were made from 1959 to 1974.

As far as I know browning did not have any firearms made for them in australia.

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