Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What does bebe mean?

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Bebe is just the Bill of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. After you get the national pokedex though, she will give you an eevee. this is your chance to get a Glacion or Leafeon.

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What does bebe mala mean?

Bebe mala means poor/bad baby.

What does je vous aime le bebe mean?

j'aime le bebe means i love the baby j'aime votre bebe would mean i love your (pl) baby

What does estoy a su bebe mean?

Estoy a su bebe in English means I am a baby.

What does bebe mean in french?


What does el bebe' mean?


What does d'accor bebe mean?

Ok baby

What does quien bebe mean in spanish?

"Who drinks?"

What does pa eso bebe mean?

For that you drink

What does te amo bebe mean?

I love you, baby.

What does te cakam bebe mean?

i love you baby

What does bebe linda mean?

It's Spanish for 'beautiful baby'.

What does qe ases bebe mean in spanish?

What are you doing baby?

What does cest mon bebe mean in french?

That's my baby!

What does sha bebe mean Cajun?

it means precious baby

What does chez moi bebe mean in French?

At my place, babe !

What is baby in Latino?

...I think you mean Spanish. Lol. Bebe.

What does Con Mi Bebe' mean in spanish?

"With my baby"

What does BEBE mean on Pokemon diamond?

Bebe is the name of the creator of the Sinnoh PC. She lives in Hearthome city. After you get the national dex, she will give you an eevee

What is the reggaeton song that goes bebe bebe bebe bebe bebe?

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Bebe in Spanish is equal to two different meanings in English. The reader has to analyse the context to apply the correct meaning. In a sentence involving a liquid the word "bebe" can mean that the subject is "drinking" a liquid. In a sentence involving someone doing something or asociated to something that a baby can do, the "bebe" stand for "baby". "Bebe" does never equate to "babe" in the sense of a sexy adult girl in little clothing.Baby

What does c pa bebe ces le bebe ma souer mean in the English language?

literally: "...'s not (my) baby, zat's baby my sistah "

What is the song that goes bebe bebe bebe bebe bebe?

Pepe pepe by Doble T Ft El Crok : ) Is it not Baby by Justin Bieber? xx

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It means What are you doing my baby?!

What does Bebe mean in spanish?

one of two things: bebe [verb]- 3rd person singular of 'beber' [to drink]. So, he/she drinks. bebé [noun]- baby

Are BeBe and CeCe Winans twins?

BeBe and CeCe are not twins. BeBe is her older brother.

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