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What does being rude mean?

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"Being a dick" means to be rude, mean, or a jerk. It means acting in ways to deliberately offend or annoy others. If you say another person is being one, then you are likely being one as well.

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How is mean character?

mean character means being rude to others.

How do you use the word rude in the sentence?

Rude as in being mean or so.EX: He was so rude, by talking very loudly at the wedding.

What is being mean?

It means to be very rude to a certain person.

Will you get banned for being mean or rude to other penguins?

Yes, you will.

What does the word impertinence mean?

It means being rude or cheeky.

What does 'harsh' mean?

harsh means someone being mean to another person or being rude

What does it mean when a girl you like looks at you as you look at her and then she looks at her friend whispers something points at you then they both look at you?

Well, for a start she's being rude. She may be being rude on purpose, or she may be too selfish to realise that she's being rude. One of the ways of being rude is to make someone else feel uncomfortable.

What should you do if you're best friend is being mean to you?

tell that friend that you feel that their being mean to you. you shouldn't tolerate rude, or mean behavior from a friend.

My ex is being rude but I still like her what do I do?

just be nice and tell her the truth that she is being rude and she might understand and stop being rude

What do you do when your friend is mean and rude?

Don't tell him/her that they are being mean and rude because they will have the nastiest thing to say back to you. Tell your mom or dad and they will be sure to talk to his/her parents. Hope this helped!

Is Joe Jonas mean and rude?

Nick Jonas is not mean or rude

Is Miley Cyrus mean and rude?

No Miley Cyrus is not mean and rude. Miley Cyrus is rude but we cant control her

What to say to a person that is being rude?

Im not talking to you are being rude and unless u stop being rude im going to leae and slap u

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you squat?

He is being rude and disrespecting you. He thinks he is being cute, but he isn't . You are better off ignoring him.

What does it mean if a guy looks at your breasts?

He is being rude and crude and I would ignore him or tell him off.

What does ignorent mean?

It means lacking of knowledge. People use it as being rude, but that's not the definition.

What does mean meen?

mean can mean two different meanings. one is that ur being rude the other is used in math. it is a synonym of average

Is eminem mean?

No,he isn't,but if you're rude to him,he will be rude to you.

If you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and their new companion was being rude to you what do you do?

Ingore both of them and try moving on if she is being mean to you then she is jealous!

How do you spell mean like if your meaning something?

if it is like a deff. it would be meaning but if itis like being ''rude'' it would be mean

What does it mean if a guy rubs your leg and then squeezes it?

He is being rude and "comming on " to you. It is a way to say he wants sex.

How do you get banned on moshi monsters?

Cheating, being rude or mean. Swearing. Using another member's account.

What does light blue mean on a mood necklace?

youre being rude abut my mum youre mum is

Why are some people so rude and mean?

Because they think that being rude and mean makes them powerful. They are afraid that other people are going to try to take advantage of them, or hurt them so they think they can prevent this by acting this way.

If you say that someone is rude are you being rude?

well it depends, sometimes yes sometimes no but most of all yesactually it couldnt be rude to me unless u were being mean first. in my opinion u shouldn't even say stuff like that it could make the person feel sad.