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Q: What does bisque mean in English?
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What other colors are available, and what is the difference between Bisque and Biscuit?

You can get this microwave in bisque, white, black and stainless steel. So it will fit any kitchen style. Biscuit and bisque mean the same color. Terminology depends on a manufacturer.

Is almond the same color as bisque in appliances?

No. Bisque is whiter.

What is the difference between soup and bisque?

Bisque is typically a thicker, cream based soup.

What is a bisque doll made of?

Generally, the faces, hands and feet of bisque dolls are cast in porcelain.

Does Bisque soup have cream in it?

No, bisque traditionally refers to a seafood-based soup that is pureed and strained.

What is the hardened clay commonly called after the first firing in the kiln?

bisque is the name of the hardened clay called after the first firing in the kiln.

How do you recognize bisquit figurines?

Bisque is an unglazed baked porcelain. Finished bisque has a slightly sandy texture with a dull finish. Some of it may be decorated with various colors. Bisque gained favor during the late Victorian era when thousands of bisque figurines were made. It is still being made. Additional bisque items may be listed under the factory name.

Where was bisque soup from?

It is from France.

Can you watercolor bisqueware?

Yes, you can paint (glaze) ceramics after being bisque fired. You can also bisque fire it twice...

What color is bisque?

Bisque is a pinkish browny cream. Can be darker. Derived from the creamy French soup of the same name.

What has the author Genevieve Angione written?

Genevieve Angione has written: 'All dolls are collectible' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Dolls 'All-bisque & half-bisque dolls' -- subject(s): Bisque dolls, Collectors and collecting, Dolls

What is the alternate name for a porcelain doll?

An alternate name for a porcelain doll is a bisque doll. The reason why it's called a bisque doll is because the doll is mainly made out of bisque porcelain and through this, the doll is characterized by their realistic looking figure.