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What does black mean in biblical terms?


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June 14, 2015 8:08PM

The word Black is English, it was translated or transliterated from the original languages of the texts (Hebrew Chaldee Greek). The best way to understand what the word means which was translated black in the English, is to look up the original word using a Strongs concordance/dictionary.

Just like any other language, words used in biblical text apply to the context in which they were used. Therefore you must understand the context (what the verse containing the word was discussing) before you can understand what was meant by the word translated as black

For instance the Hebrew word 7835 is translated black in the book of Job, however the original Hebrew word is only used once; Job 30:30.

In the case of Hebrew, black often refers to dusky or duskiness (as in early dawn) or Jetty or dim

If you are looking for biblical reference to outward appearance of men, look to Hebrew word 6937 - qudar; which means to be ashy or dark coloured, it also means to morn