What does boss mean?

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The person you work for, or if you mean the slang usage of the word, it means good.

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Q: What does boss mean?
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What does 'boss' mean?

Its a person who is like you

What does hypothalamicohypophyseals mean?


What does technision mean?

it mean the boss of everybody the person whos incharge of everything a technision is more a boss then a director

Are old cars boss?

If you mean extremely cool then IMO they are definitely Boss.

What does tulisas arm tattoo mean?

She is the boss of all the females in the world she is the ''female boss''!

What does the name Padron mean?

The boss

What does duenos mean in spanish?


What does mi jefe mean?

My boss.

What does patron mean in spanish?


What does narbeh mean?

A Boss of Bosses

What does The word boss on a blueprint mean?


What does it mean when your boss teases you a lot?

He loves you

What does jefe mean in English?

It means "boss".

What does you're not in charge of me mean?

It means "you are not my boss"

What does El jefe mean?

"the chief" or "the boss"

What does el heffa mean in spanish?

The boss

What does reporting structure mean?

It usually refers to the hierarchical structure within an organisation. Your staff report to you, you report to your boss, your boss reports to his or her boss and so on.

What do it mean when you have a complaint about another co worker and your boss tell you to just let it go?

report it to their boss.

What would it mean if you dreamed that my boss was pregnant 5 months?

This means that you are experiencing a closer connection to your boss.

What does tulisa's tattoo the female boss mean?

Tulisa had the words "The Female Boss" inked onto her arm because she sees herself as the boss of Dappy and Fazer.

What does it mean when your boss touches you all the time?

If your boss touches you all the time, either you have a really friendly boss, or you are being sexually exploited. Possibly both.

What word that starts with k meaning boss?

it could mean "knob" or "knoblike" depending on the meaning of the word "boss"

How do you say Boss Lady in spanish?

"Jefa" would mean "boss lady." "Jefa" is pronounced "heh-fa"

In Luigi's Mansion how do you get to the 2nd boss?

if you mean the boss after the baby you take a picture or something of the dog house and you get sucked in

What does 'the boss' mean in Spanish?

The boss would be "el jefe" for a male or "la jefa"for a female.