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What does bragh mean in scottish Gaelic?

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It doesn't appear to be word in Scots Gaelic.

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What does Alba go bragh mean?

this is Gaelic for Scotland forever.**************************************************************Scottish Gaelic: Alba gu bràth.Irish Gaelic for "Scotland Forever" is "Albain abú".

What is the correct spelling in Gaelic for Erin go bragh?

Irish (Gaelic): Éirinn go brách (aer'-rin guh brawch) Scottish Gaelic: ...

What does the name Kerryann mean in Scottish Gaelic?

The name is not in Scottish Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic word for forever?

In Scottish Gaelic: gu bràtham feastaa-chaoidhgu deògu sìorraidhManx Gaelic: er son dy braghIrish Gaelic: go deo/go brách/choíche

What does the name cheyenne mean in Scottish Gaelic?

Cheyenne is not a Scottish Gaelic word.

What does the word cassey mean in Scottish Gaelic?

It's not a word in Scottish Gaelic.

What does 'òran' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

In the Scottish Gaelic language òran mean 'song'.

What does cridhe mean in Gaelic?

heart in Scottish Gaelic.

What does knuu mean in Scottish Gaelic?

nothing, it is not Gaelic.

What does 'you' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

'You' is not a Gaelic word.

What does energy mean in Scottish Gaelic?

'Energy' doesn't mean anything in Scottish Gaelic: it's an English word.

What does the Scottish Gaelic word 'nighean' mean?

It means 'daughter' in Scottish Gaelic.

What does the Scottish Gaelic tarnershiel mean?

It doesn't appear to be Scottish Gaelic, possibly Scots English.

What does Kayla mean in Scottish Gaelic?

Kayla is not a Scottish Gaelic name. There is no K or Y in the alphabet.

What does manoir mean in Gaelic?

'Manoir' does not appear in Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic.

How do you say fleet in Gaelic?

If you mean as in a "fleet" of ships, etc: In Irish (Gaelic) it is "cabhlach" or "loingeas". In Scottish Gaelic: ? If you mean "fast" the Irish is luath, mear, or tapaidh. Scottish Gaelic:?

How do you spell Ian in Scottish?

If by Scottish you mean Scottish Gaelic it is spelled IAIN.

What is the Gaelic for with?

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

What does 'Jacob' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

'Jacob' is not a Scottish Gaelic word and has no meaning in that language.Iàcobis the Scottish Gaelicequivalent of Jacob.

What does Canan mean in Gaelic?

In (Scottish) Gaelic "cànan" means "language".

What does bho mean in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic "bho" means 'from; since".

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