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What does break yarn mean in knitting?


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To break yarn in knitting simply means to cut the yarn. This is usually done at the end of a pattern or when changing colours. When breaking off the yarn, it is important to leave a long enough end to secure the knitting and weave the ends in once you have finished knitting the item.


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On a knitting chart, it symbolizes "yarn over" also, in some books/instructions, "yarn forward".

yrn is the abbreviation for 'yarn' - the material you are knitting or crocheting with

Yarn are fibers that are woven together, in other words, strands of twisted threads. A knitting yarn is a yarn used for knitting.

WYF means "With Yarn in Front".

If you mean Yarn OVER that means to wrap the yarn around the needle once unless instructed to do more.

Double knitting yarn (also known as DK) is 8ply

In knitting, the term "yfwd" is an abbreviation for "yarn forward." In order to do a yarn forward, simply pull the yarn strand with which you are knitting between the needles to the front of the work, so that it is in the position normally used when preparing to perform a purl stitch. That's all there is to it!

A yo means Yarn Over. When you do a yo, its basically putting the yarn over the needle so you have that extra piece of yarn in your knitting. When you finish, you see a yo as a space in between what you have knitted! Is it clear?

Yarn forward when knitting means you take the yarn coming from the ball or skein and wrap it, or bring it toward you over the needle and then complete the next stitch. Doing this creates the pattern of the knit.

The materials needed for knitting socks include the proper size knitting needles and yarn. There are many different types of yarn to choose from including wool sock knit yarn, hand dyed yarn, acrylic yarn, and cotton yarn.

Yarn of desired weight and knitting needles.

dk means double knitting yarn.

Wool crafted for knitting is called yarn.

Tye on a new piece from a new ball of yarn

Blocking is what you do to finished knitted objects in order to set the yarn.

"WYIB" stands for "with yarn in back," which means you should hold your working yarn behind your needles, as you do when you are executing the knit stitch.

It means literally wrap the yarn round the needle. This means you have an extra stitch to work into on the next row.

In knitting, wyif is the abbreviation for: With Yarn In Front.

No. The yarn remains yarn, although after being knotted into a knitted fabric.

there is no yarn fabrics yarns are only converted into fabric by knitting or weaving

Yes it usually does mean the same thing. But then it is also a way to differentiate between whether you are doing knitting or purling.

It means, in knitting, to literally wrap the yarn around the needle. This creates a gap in the work, and an additional stitch in the work, and row.

Part of knitting is managing the tension you establish for your style of knitting.Try wrapping your yarn around your yarn finger once or twice, in order to establish a knitting tension -- the slack or lack of it -- that you want. (Your yarn finger is on the hand that holds the needles, while you knit actively with the needle in the other hand.)

Well:Knitting needlesYarnBest to have a knitting pattern.There are others that are optional for knitting.Or with a loom:Knitting loomKnitting hookNeedle

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