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Q: What does broaden your horizon mean?
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Is it correct to say broaden your horizon or broaden your horizons?

The incorrect form is "broaden your horizons" as there can only be one horizon. Edit from another user: There may only be one horizon, but that's hardly relevant in a metaphor. The common usage is "horizons," which is also what all the online references I checked say.

What do mathematics horizon and expand students' mathematics horizon mean?

Your matematics horizon is how much you know about mathematics. For example, do you know much arithmetic? Can you divide 4526 by 254? Do you know what geometry is and what is algebra? Do you know Pythagoras's Theorem. Can you do calculus and can you integrate expressions using LaPlace Transforms? How you answer questions like this shows your mathematical horizon. A good teacher or a good effort to buy books and study things will broaden your mathematics horizon.

What is globalization and how is that different from National Sovereignty?

National sovereignty is the ability for a nation to govern itself. Globalization is the ability for a nation to broaden their horizon by interacting with other nations.

Strtegies to solve unemplyment?

there are many referent way of doing it but the one id go for is make your self open do any small job it will broaden your horizon

What does the suffix -en mean as in broaden and widen?

The suffix -en in broaden and widen, is the ending part of the words, that modifies the meaning of those words.

How does growing cultural diversities influences success of youth?

At least, cultural diversities will broaden youth's horizon. And if they can face these diversities squarely, they can enhance advantages and avoid disadvantages.

What does on the horizon mean?

The "horizon" is the furthest you can see. "On the horizon" therfore refers to an object which is just in sight.

Will taking an accounting course online help me broaden my horizons to a successful career?

Taking an online accounting course is the best solution if you have a busy schedule and help broaden your horizon to a successful career because it can show the different aspects of being an accountant. You can become skillful enough to get into a high paying accounting job.

What does the suffix -en mean as in the words broaden widen and hasten?

To cause to be or to become

What is the line called?

You mean the horizon?

How do you put broaden in a sentence?

you must broaden your mind.

What is the sunset line called?

You mean the horizon?