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Q: What does buenaseda mi Bella mean?
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What does 'para mi Bella' mean?

it means: for my beautiful

What does Bella como mi mama mean?

Beautiful as my mom

What does Te quiero a mi esposa Bella mean?

"i love my beautiful wife"

What does Akii en mi kasita con mi hermana Bella mean in English?

here in my house with my beautiful sister

What is the duration of Mi Gorda Bella?

The duration of Mi Gorda Bella is 2760.0 seconds.

What does eres Bella para mi nada compara mean?

you are beautiful to me nothing compares

When was Mi Gorda Bella created?

Mi Gorda Bella was created on 2002-11-20.

Feliz cumpleaños a mi bella esposa What does it mean?

It means "Happy birthday to my beautiful wife".

What does 'Besos para ti mi mami bella' mean?

It means "kisses for you my beautiful mommy."

What does en mi eyez muy Bella por dentroy por fuera mean?

en mi (opinion) eres muy bella por dentro y por fuera = In my (opinion) you are very beautiful inside and out.

Como esta mi angel Bella?

How is my angel Bella

How do you say my beautiful duaghter in spanish?

"Su hija es bella."