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Buffer and added hardness do the same thing in a salt water pool as in a fresh water pool. The buffer (sodium bicarbonate aka bicarbonate of soda) stabilizes the pH of your pool so that addition of acid or base doesn't change the pH very much. The hardness, mostly Calcium, helps achieve water balance to make the pool neither deposit (precipitate) excess Calcium Carbonate to your pool surfaces nor corrode (remove) Calcium from your plaster pool surface. The combination of pH, Total Alkalinity (adjusted for Cyanuric Acid), Calcium Hardness, temperature and Total Dissolved Solids determines whether your water is balanced. Just keep these values near their recommended amounts for your pool and you should be fine. If you're a techie and want the full formulas, do a Google search for "Langelier Saturation Index".

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Q: What does buffer and added hardness do for a saltwater pool?
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How to lower water hardness in a saltwater pool without draining the water?

NO cant be done

Do I adjust the hardness of a saltwater pool if its high?

Probably the least expensive is to replace some or all of the water(dependind on hardness) with fresh.

What do you add if alkalinity is low in your pool?

Buffer should be added.

Can you go from chlorinated pool to saltwater pool?

Since a saltwater pool IS a chlorinated pool (the only difference is how the chlorine is addded since it is manufactured by the SWCG and not added separately) the answer is yes.

Does saltwater system require a covered pool?

No, a saltwater pool does not need to be covered.

Can you heat a saltwater pool?

You can heat a saltwater pool. Options for heating your saltwater pool include solar heating, electric heating, and gas heating.

Are saltwater systems as good for your pool?

Many people will say that saltwater systems are as good for your pool as chlorinated systems. Saltwater systems are not as harsh on your pool system or for the people that enjoy the pool itself.

Can you switch to saltwater system if theres chlorine in the pool?

yes, a saltwater system is in fact a chlorine system anyway the difference being that salt is added to the pool and a chlorinator is put inline to convert part of the salt electronically into chlorine.

Can saltwater pool harm you?


Is there anything you can add that would increase the hardness to water in a pool?

Hardness increaser from your pool supply company

Can you swap your above ground pool to a saltwater pool?

Yes, it's easy! Just add a saltwater chlorinator between the filter pump and the pool intlet. Then add pool salt. Follow the directions in the manual and you will be swimming in your saltwater pool in 24 hours.

Can you attach a saltwater system to a proseries pool?

You can attach saltwater system to non-Intex pro series pool.

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