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It smells sweet -- of pancake syrup.

Or celery seed...

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Q: What does burning coolant smell like?
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Can smell coolant burning from car tailpipe?


Can smell antifreeze but no leaks visible no heat?

If your going through coolant then you have an internal head gasket leak you smell coolant because its getting into cylinder and burning

What does coolant smell like?

Coolant has a smell that is very difficult to describe; it smells sweet, yet a little like rubber; It has a green color almost like Gatorade. Old coolant can be brown and smell quite rancid.

Why is your 1996 Silverado burning coolant?

by "burning coolant" do you mean that there is the smell of burning coolant? or do you mean that your coolant level is constantly needing to be topped off and you don't know where it is going? if you smell burning coolant you have a leak somewhere and its probably dripping onto the exhaust. you need to find the leak. if you are constantly leveling off and there is no coolant leaking under the vehicle it could be a blown head gasket. check your oil for coolant contamination. pull the dip stick and check the color of the oil: dark, almost black in color=good; lite creamy brown (like creamy coffee) =blown head gasket. or it could be a blown intake manifold gasket instead of head gasket. 1996 silverado has a two piece intake manifold, an upper and lower intake manifold.

Just had a gasket replaced in my engine and all of a sudden white smoke is coming from my engine and I am loosing engine coolant no burning smell though what could it be?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking allowing coolant into combustion chamber

What does burning antifreeze smell like?

Burning antifreeze has a rubber like smell. Some people think it smells sweet with a tint of rubber smell mixed into it.

How does silk smell after burning?

It should smell a little like burning paper, the same with rayon. If it's polyester, it will melt. Wool will smell like burnt hair.

What Does Crack Smell Like?

sort of like burning plastic but a little diff you will have to smell it to know what im talking about but burning plastic is about what it smells like

What could be causing white or gray smoke not steam to be coming from your exhaust and its got a funny burning smell to it?

Sounds like a bad head gasket allowing coolant to pass.

What does a burning dice smell like?

Probably a lot like burning plastic.

What does crack smell like when burning?

Crack has a very sweet smell, like burnt marshmellows.

What is the Strong smell of aromatics out exhaust?

It might be coolant, oil burning or too rich of fuel air mixture

What does burning cocaine smell like?

like burning cocaine, depending on what nastiness it may have been "cut" with.

Why would your car smell like antifreeze when you get out?

if you can smell antifreeze, you have an antifreeze leak somewhere. you need to clean engine then look for coolant . it will generally pool on ground under vehicle unless it is leaking onto engine and burning off. note that the coolant will run so you may have to trace back to the actual leak. check all coolant fittings, such as hoses and check area round water pump.

When a clutch is on its way out does it smell like it is burning?

yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal

What does crack smell like when being smoked?

it has a very distinct smell that is pretty difficult to compare to anything else I can think of it does not smell like burning hair or plastic as some have said

What does bushfires smell like?

smoke and burning leaves.

Getting a burning anti-freeze smell in your 1993 areostar?

heater core is bad may need a coolant flush

What does burning flesh smell like?

It smells like you

What does overheated coolant smell like?

My nuts from a squirrel

Does flower pollen smell?

yes, you can smell it in the air. It smells like a smouldering burning smell.

What did it smell like during the blitz?

There would have been a strong smell of burning, smoke and dust.

How do you know if a diesel engine is burning oil it has been smoking since I had the oil changed the smoke is white but smells like burnt fuel?

The main part of diesel fuel is kerosene, which produces thick black smoke, and gives that smell that is commonly associated with diesel. most likely if it is white smoke, it is antifreeze, if it has a blue tint to it, it is oil. the smell of burnt diesel is rather strong so it could cancel the burnt oil smell, or on the other hand it could be coolant, because burned coolant doesn't have a strong smell. I would check your coolant and oil levels, and check your coolant for having oil in it.

What would smell like burning rubber in a 1995 dodge neon?

The burning rubber smell in the tranmisson breaking apart inside.

Why does manual car smell like burning rubber?

Because your burning your clutch.