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It smells sweet -- of pancake syrup.

Or celery seed...


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If your going through coolant then you have an internal head gasket leak you smell coolant because its getting into cylinder and burning

Coolant has a smell that is very difficult to describe; it smells sweet, yet a little like rubber; It has a green color almost like Gatorade. Old coolant can be brown and smell quite rancid.

Probably a lot like burning plastic.

Burning antifreeze has a rubber like smell. Some people think it smells sweet with a tint of rubber smell mixed into it.

It should smell a little like burning paper, the same with rayon. If it's polyester, it will melt. Wool will smell like burnt hair.

sort of like burning plastic but a little diff you will have to smell it to know what im talking about but burning plastic is about what it smells like

yes, you can smell it in the air. It smells like a smouldering burning smell.

It might be coolant, oil burning or too rich of fuel air mixture

Because your burning your clutch.

by "burning coolant" do you mean that there is the smell of burning coolant? or do you mean that your coolant level is constantly needing to be topped off and you don't know where it is going? if you smell burning coolant you have a leak somewhere and its probably dripping onto the exhaust. you need to find the leak. if you are constantly leveling off and there is no coolant leaking under the vehicle it could be a blown head gasket. check your oil for coolant contamination. pull the dip stick and check the color of the oil: dark, almost black in color=good; lite creamy brown (like creamy coffee) =blown head gasket. or it could be a blown intake manifold gasket instead of head gasket. 1996 silverado has a two piece intake manifold, an upper and lower intake manifold.

Fireworks smell like brunt or varies different burning chemicals within it.

like burning cocaine, depending on what nastiness it may have been "cut" with.

The burning rubber smell in the tranmisson breaking apart inside.

yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal

Your description sounds like engine coolant to me.

Because some rubber is burning.

Well i don't. I think the real question is why do yousmell burning feathers. I can't even imagine what burning feathers smell like.It smells terrible, I regularly smell burning feathers, paint, and a strong perfume or potpourri that nobody else around me can smell.

idk how do you know what burning paper bags smell like??? and you should check your home really quick to be on the safe side!!!!!!

Bravada smell coolant. That's how they greet each other.

Could be overheated coolant or just leaked oil burning off your exhaust headers

heater core is bad may need a coolant flush

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