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You are not responsible nor liable for Acts of Nature.

The windstorm coverage on your policy covers your home, not the neighbors.

Your neighbors Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover his damages as stated in the terms of his Policy.

It's no different than if his own tree fell on his house.

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Q: What does catastrophe wind storm coverage for homeowners insurance mean My tree fell on neighbors house about 60mph winds is that considered catastrophe windstorm coverage?
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Does homeowners insurance cover your child damaging the neighbors vehicle?

No, Your homeowners insurance does not cover vehicle damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

Does my homeowners insurance cover a neighbors dog attacking my dog?

Not usually. The neighbor's homeowners insurance would cover it underneath their liability insurance.

What if your neighbors tree crack your foundation will their homeowners insurance pay for it?


How do you find out who is my neighbors homeowners insurance carrier?

Ask them. If they want to tell you they will.

Is neighbors damaged car covered by my homeowners insurance?

it depends upon how the car was damaged

Neighbors tree feel on your house options if they lack home owners insurance?

The question here is not whether or not they have homeowners insurance but whether or not you do. Normally a tree falling is considered an 'act of God' and is not considered negligence unless it was obvious that the tree was about to fall, the fact had been brought to the neighbor's attention and they refused to do anything about it. However, your homeowners insurance should cover most of the damages.

Do homeowners insurance cover damage done by neighbors?

yes it does i know because someone broke our fire-pit and insurance covered it

Does your home owners insurance cover damage to neighbors car due to high wind?

No, Your Homeowners Insurance will not cover windstorm damages to your neighbors vehicle because you are not liable for acts of nature. Your neighbors will have to look to their own Comprehensive Auto Insurance to cover windstorm damages to their vehicle.

Does your home insurance cover damage to neighbors cars?

No. Homeowners insurance doe snot provide coverage for automobiles manufactured for use on public roads. That's what Auto Insurance is for.

Can you sue the neighbors homeowners insurance for the death of your son out of neighbors negligence and responsibility for a fire?

You can sue anybody you want. Even the President. But in this case, the insurance company did not cause your sons death. You will need to sue the neighbor directly and if he has liability coverage then his insurance company might defend him in the suit.

Who is responsiable when a tree falls on neighbors car?

Mother Nature would be the "responsible" party. The homeowner is not "liable" for acts of nature. Your homeowners insurance is not responsible for a natural act that causes damage to property of another. Your neighbors car is not listed as covered property on your Homeowners policy. Your homeowners insurance would also not pay if the tree fell on your own automobile. If a tree falls on someones car they should file a loss claim with their Auto Insurance Company. If they have comprehensive coverage then it will take care of their loss.

What if your neighbors home burned and your home was damaged how can you make a claim with their insurance?

You don't need too. Just make your loss claim on your own homeowners insurance policy. If your neighbor is liable for your loss then your Insurance Company will subrogate the matter for you.