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a legal document giving certain rights to a person

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Q: What does charter mean?
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WHAT does charter mean in charter schools?

Charter schools are public private schools usually paid with tuitiom

What does charter mean in charter princess?

conflict isdisagreement between two or more people

What does charter mean in history?

The rights of the land and people

What did the charter of 1832 mean?

Which one ? - There were many Charters of 1832.

What does an official approval to take a certain action mean?


What does the charter cable code s0600 mean?

The cable has an interference and might need reset. Do this by calling Charter. But sometimes that doesn't even help.

What do the words magna cartra mean?

The words are Medieval Latin and mean, literally, Great Charter

What do charters mean in Cabela's dangerous hunts?

A charter is a hired private tour or enterprise, and in this case each of the games hunts is a separate "charter" that you have to qualify for.

What does charter one online mean?

Charter one online refers to Charter one, a major banking company which provides online banking for personal, small business, and commercial purposes. It also provides investing services.

What does charter mean in social studies?

An official paper from the king of England

Where can one find an international air charter?

On can find an international air charter though Air Charter, Air Charter International, Jet Charter, Sherpa Report, Altitude Aviation, and Air Charter Advisors.

What are charter schools for?

they are for charter!

What song is in the charter commercial with the girl driving?

'See it in his swagger' by 'R-Mean'

What was the mean message of Atlantic charter?

Let me think um No one. Noes

Definition of a charter colony?

A charter colony is a colony that was started with a charter. A charter is permission from the King or Queen to start a colony.

Why did republicans object to article 10 of the league's charter?

Assuming you mean the charter of the League of Nations, Republicans objected because it obligated the U.S. to defend member nations if they were attacked.

What are all goals of the charter?

Which charter?

What is the difference between charter airline broker and charter airline operators?

The difference between charter airline brokers and charter airline operators is that charter airline operators have permission from the FAA to operate charter aircrafts. Brokers just maintain control of the flight.

What companies charter yachts?

The companies that charter yachts can be found on the Charter World website where hundreds of companies is listed in the website's charter yachts database.

A sentence with charter?

The company's charter did not include importing goods. They hired a charter to take them to the fishing area. The charter bus was old and smelled of mothballs.

Where would one find a charter communications cable?

One would find a charter communications cable by going to the Charter website. The Charter website offers a variety of products including charter communications cables.

Where is the headquarters for Charter Telephone?

The headquarters for Charter Telephone, or Charter Communications, is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Charter Communications was previously headquartered in Town and Country, Missouri.

What character is Katniss evergreen and why?

what charter is katniss everdeen.......... that doesn't really make sense....... but she is the main charter because she is very brave talented and went through a lot of things if that's what you mean.

What is the BUS charter?

Bus charter it's when you have a group of passengers you need to rent a bus to charter the group.

Where is the Charter Oak Public Library in Charter Oak located?

The address of the Charter Oak Public Library is: 461 Railroad St, Charter Oak, 51439 0058

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