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Chemical symbols represent a chemical element.
Chemical formulas represent compounds.

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Respectively they represent elements and compounds.

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements and chemical formulas represent chemical compounds.

Chemical symbols represent a chemical substance or element

Chemical elements are represented by symbols, not by a formula. For a complete list see the link below.

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements.

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.

Element do not have chemical formulas these are the preserve of compound made from elements. Elements have symbols (eg the element Gold has the symbol Au) which are used in chemical formulas.

The Symbols provide a shorthand method for representing elements and compounds, and how they react with each other. The formula's represent compounds.

Numbers that precede symbols and formulas in a chemical equation are called coefficients.

Chemical formulas consist of chemical symbols and numbers. The symbols represent the elements in the compound. The numbers indicate the quantity of atoms of each element in the compound.

Chemical symbols - Na is Sodium and Cl is Chlorine

a shorthand way to represent a chemical substance

We know the chemical symbols of caesium and francium are Cs and Fr, respectively.

Chemical Symbols are used to represent elements

Symbols. If it was a question like "Is NaCl a chemical symbol or formula?", then the answer would be "Chemical Formula"

they represent the number of protons the element has and what is their charge

Cs (for caesium) and At (for astatine) are chemical symbols, not chemical formulas.

Well, no chemical can actually represent a substance with chemical symbols, but I think you're talking about a chemical formula.

This combination of symbols is known as a chemical formula.

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