What does chemical weathering mean?

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What starts chemical weathering?

What starts chemical weathering?Oxidation starts chemical weathering.

What are 3 types of chemical weathering?

Chemical Weathering, Physical Weathering, and Mechanical Weathering

Is oxidation physical weathering or chemical weathering?

Oxidation is chemical weathering.

Are stalactites a form chemical weathering?

Stalactites are a result of the processes of chemical weathering, not a form of chemical weathering.

Can Chemical weathering cannot alter a rock's chemical makeup?

A rock's chemical makeup can be chaged by CHEMICALweathering. That is why its called CHEMICAL weathering.

What type of weathering creates caves or caverns?

Chemical Weathering .

Compare mechanical and chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering has acid rain while mechanical weathering doesn't. Chemical weathering is also called physical weathering. The U.S.A. has mechanical weathering.

How are mechanical weathering and chemical weathering related?

mechanical weathering and chemical weathering are related because their both are types of weathering

Is rust physical or chemical weathering?

chemical weathering

Is acid chemical weathering or mechanical weathering?


What is aonther word for chemical weathering?

chemical weathering

What is the difference between chemical weathering and physical weathering?

Physical weathering is breaking down of rocks by weather that does not change their chemical components. Chemical weathering is weathering that breaks rocks down by a chemical change.

Does chemical weathering involve water?

Chemical weathering does not involve water, that is physical weathering

How are physical weathering and chemical weathering diffrent?

physical weathering is about rocks and chemical weathering is about is about chemicals hahah lol

Is chemical weathering and chemical reaction the same?

Yes, chemical weathering involve chemical reactions.

Is oxidation a chemical or mechanical weathering?

Oxidation is a chemical weathering.

Chemical and mechanical weathering?

can you tell me about chemical and mechanical weathering

Sentence with the word chemical weathering?

chemical weathering is okward

Is oxidation mechanical or chemical weathering?

Oxidation is chemical weathering.

Is acids in rainwater is physical or chemical weathering?

Chemical Weathering

Is a road way is a physical weathering or chemical weathering?


Is fog a physical or chemical weathering?

Fog is a chemical weathering.

Is animal action mechanical or chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering

Acid rain is an example of which type of chemical weathering?

carbonation is an example of chemical weathering carbonation is an example of chemical weathering

Are chemicals from plants physical or chemical weathering?

Is chemicals from plants chemical weathering or physical weathering

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