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What does chickens smell like?


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To a chicken farmer they smell like money.
To a gardener they smell like fertile soil.
To another chicken they smell like family.
To a predator they smell like food.

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Because chickens naturally smell amazing! Who wouldn't want to smell like a chicken?!

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Not quite sure what you mean here. Farmers who work with chickens very quickly lose the ability to smell what visitors can smell around the farm. The odor of manure is quite unpleasant to visitors but to farm workers it is the smell of hard work, life and a sustainable income for his family. If you mean do they sniff their chickens, well, not usually. There is no real need to smell the chickens. They usually keep pretty clean bathing in the dust, rustling around in the hay and straw. They can't smell too bad since you will often see farm kids carrying a hen around and cuddling it like any other household pet.

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