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To a chicken farmer they smell like money.
To a gardener they smell like fertile soil.
To another chicken they smell like family.
To a predator they smell like food.

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Q: What does chickens smell like?
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Why do you smell like chicken?

Because chickens naturally smell amazing! Who wouldn't want to smell like a chicken?!

Do chinken's buts smell like eggs?

No, the chickens rear should smell like its fecal matter.

What is Sanitary prefect duty?

Is when chickens lay eggs and they are fresh and creamy as chocolate but they look snd smell like strawberry

Do chickens smell things?


Do some people smell their chickens?

Not quite sure what you mean here. Farmers who work with chickens very quickly lose the ability to smell what visitors can smell around the farm. The odor of manure is quite unpleasant to visitors but to farm workers it is the smell of hard work, life and a sustainable income for his family. If you mean do they sniff their chickens, well, not usually. There is no real need to smell the chickens. They usually keep pretty clean bathing in the dust, rustling around in the hay and straw. They can't smell too bad since you will often see farm kids carrying a hen around and cuddling it like any other household pet.

Do chickens have sense of smell?


Will my chickens be happy if you fed them chocolate?

No. In Chocolate it has eggs...chickens will smell the chocolate then leave it for the ants to eat it.

Can chickens smell?

Yes, some are very smelly.

Is there a very bad smell when your chickens chicks hatch?

No, there is not.

Can alligators smell dogs?

Alligators are a very wild animal in which runs mainly on instinct. However, it does show a large preference for certain meals like dogs and chickens. They are attracted to their size, movement, and smell.

What is it called when the smell of chickens makes you out of breath?

samonella, extract

What are some characteristics of explorers?

some of the characters of a great explorer are. very fat, eat people, have good sense of smell like chickens and do cats

What is a catchy title for a project about chickens?

well to start a project about chicken's write for the title your name! because you are one and you smell like one and your stupid like one! how do i know you are stupid 'because who in the world other than you would want to do a project on chicken's! man you are so stupid to be doing a project on chickens! NO OFFENCE!

Do chickens like eating spaghetti?

some chickens like eating spaghetti.

How do you get the chicken smell out of the chicken?

You don't, anyway it doesn't matter chickens belong outside.

What do chickens like to do?

Chickens, in general, like to do a variety of things. They love to dig for bugs in the rain, peck around for vegetation in the day, as well as other scratching activities. Chickens like to eat corn, and flap their wings when it's windy out. Chickens like to do lots of things, but most of all, they love to cluck.

Do chickens like bananas?

Chickens will eat almost anything

What does germanium smell like?

What does germanium smell like?

What do chickens like to eat for a treat?

Chickens like mealworms, seeds, grapes, bread, tomatos, etc.

A purebred chicken with white feathers is crossed with a purebred chicken with black feathers.All the offspring have both black and white feathersWhy did this happen?

Black chickens like white chickens and white chickens like black chickens.

Does Linda Thistle have a book of Go-Figure puzzles in print?

you smell like poop you smell like poop

Should chicken have a strong chicken smell?

No, if you're talking about live chickens. They are very clean animals

How do you keep the smell of a rotting body out?

If we keep the human body at Freezing temperature then the body wont rot or smell. Same way as we do for frozen chickens and other meat stuffs

What snakes smell like watermelon?

There are not any snakes in the world that smell like a watermelon. There is an old tale that rattlesnakes smell like watermelon, but this is false.

Can chickens eat strawberries?

yes they can. chickens LOVE strawberries. like me!