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The church is the congregation, not the building. The word means "those who are called" or something equivalent. The most common use of the word church today refers to the building used for public worship (especially Christian Worship). The deeper Biblical meaning is the body of believers or followers of Jesus Christ. All true Christians, no matter what denomination, are part of the body of Christ called the church. We speak of "Going to church on Sunday" and we think of the church building. The fact is that if the building were to burn down on Saturday night, the church would still meet, still have church services, and in fact "BE" the church all the while. Don't get hung up on the word....just go!

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What do you mean by Church?

The Church is its people.

What does magesterium mean in relation to church?

It is the teaching authority of the Church.

What is the largest Christian church in the world?

It depends on what you mean by "largest church."If you mean the largest church organization/denomination: the Roman Catholic Church with over a billion members.If you mean the largest individual church (known as a megachurch): Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Lagos, Nigeria with 75000 attendees.If you mean the largest church building: St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

What does ecclesiastical mean?

It means relating to a church, but especially a Christian church.

What does AP mean in church titles?

Aaronic Preisthood in Mormon Church.

What was Aristotle's crime against the Church?

If by church you mean ecclesia than Aristotle was never accused of one. If by church you mean the more modern understanding of church, as in the Christian church, than he obviously could not have committed one as it would not exist until at least 300 years after his death. However if you mean ecclesia or if you mean the gods and you mean Socrates, than he was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens and impiety.

What does the sepraration of church and state mean?

It means the church is no longer part of government

What does it mean to say the church is one?


What does Mcdonough mean?

son of the church

What does une eglise mean?


Do archbishops marry?

If you mean perform marriages, yes. If you mean get married, they don't in the Roman Catholic Church. They can in the Episcopalian/Anglican church.

What does the term early church mean?

Church would refer to a body of believers. It could also refer to the church building.

What does kirkwood mean?

A kirk is a church in Scotland. So a church made of wood or in a wood.

What does the Roman numeral MDCXXVI mean on a church?

1526 {probably the year the church was built}

Does cathedral mean a church?

Yeah, it's just a big catholic word for church.

Who is head of the English church now?

If you mean the Church of England then this is Queen Elizabeth II.

In the Catholic Church how are Nuns Classified?

In the Catholic Church Does LAC after a name mean anything

What does it mean to be a member of the Catholic Church?

To be a member of the Catholic Church means to believe in Catholic Christianity and be a official in the Roman Catholic Church and/or attend a Catholic Church.

What do flowers mean in church?

Flowers in a church can be a way to just decorate the church. People will also buy flowers in memory of someone.

Does the Titanic have a church?

Do you mean did the Titanic have a church? Well, sort of, you see the Titanic had church services through out Sunday morning, but, however, they did not have an actual church built on the boat.

What does clergy mean?

it means church officials.

What does the Samoan word lotu mean?


What does the Anglican church logo mean?


What does seam mean in hunger games?


What does simbahan mean?

It is a Phillipino word for church.