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Nothing that you would notice unless it was taken in very large amounts.

It is quite a weak acid compared to the HCl your stomach secretes. The Ka of citric acid is 7.5 x 10-4. So, not much acid is released under normal circumstances, and less so in a very acidic environment.

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Can lemon acid burn a hole in your stomach?

No, it can't. This is because lemon acid is scientifically named 'citric acid' and stomach acid is likewise named 'hydrochloric acid'. Your stomach lining protects your stomach wall from the corrosive effects of hydrochloric acid, so citric acid will have no effect as it is weaker. However, it may give you heartburn!

How much lemon juice and vingar to mix when simulating stomach acid?

Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid. Citric acid in lemon juice and acetic acid in vinegar alone or in combination are not nearly as strong as hydrochloric acid.

Is citric acid harmful if you have acid reflux?

Yes, it can increase the acidity within the stomach triggering symptoms of reflux.

Is lemon a citric acid?

Lemon is not a citric acid but it chiefly contains citric acid!

Is Citric acid a mineral acid?

No. Citric acid is an organic acid

What acid is in lemon?

citric citric acid

What acid is in oranges?

citric citric acid

Is citric acid an acid?

Yes, citric acid is a weak organic acid.

What is the word form for citric acid?

Citric and acid ARE words, so the word form is citric acid!

What acid is found in oranges and lemons?

Citric Acidcitric acid

Is citric acid malleable?

Citric acid is not malleable.

Where do the sell citric acid?

The formula for citric acid

Does cucumber have citric acid in it?

no,cucumber does not have have citric acid in it..

What Products contain acid?

Vinegar- acetic acid hand wash- lactic acid baby johnson 'no more tears' shampoo-citric acid stomach-hydrochloric acid soft drinks-carbonic+phosoric acid tea- tannic acid vitamin c-ascorbic acid lemons- citric acid

Is orange juice good for a hamster?

No. The citric acid in the juice can cause stomach problems for your hamster.

Does Hydrochloric acid kill citric acid in your stomach?

First off. You should NOT be drinking hydrochloric acid. Second, hydrochloric acid added to another acid is just that, more acid.

Is citric acid a weak or a strong acid?

Citric acid is considered to be a weak acid.

Does sugarcane contain citric acid?

As I know sugarcane does not contain citric acid but lemon contains citric acid.

Are citric acid and amino acid the same?

No. Citric acid is a specific compound; amino acids are a class of compounds (and citric acid is not an amino acid; all amino acids contain nitrogen, and citric acid does not).

Do oranges have citric acid?

Yes. Citric acid is the predominant acid in oranges.

What is more acidic vinegar or citric acid?

Vinegar is not the same thing as citric acid; vinegar is acetic acid. Acetic acid and citric acid are both weak acids, but citric acid is slightly more acidic.

What acid is present in grapes malic acid tartaric acid acetic acid citric acid?

citric acid

Does cantaloupe have citric acid in it?

Yes. Cantaloupe has citric acid in it.

Does citric acid have sugar?

No, citric acid does not contain sugar.

How much citric acid is in a lemon orange and a lime?

a lemon is 5% citric acid a lemon is 5% citric acid

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