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What does clean ESN mean?

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A Clean ESN number means that your phone can be activated by a wireless carrier. A dirty esn means that the phone is linked to an account that has a past due bill or balance or a phone that has been reported lost or stolen. Ask for the ESN# from the seller and call the carrier to see if it is clean before purchase.

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What does it mean when a phone has a bad ESN?

A bad ESN means the phone is linked to a past due account or has been reported lost or stolen with a wireless carrier. Without a good or clean ESN, the phone cannot be activated.

What does it mean when your phone has ESN?

esn means phone is unlocked

Can you turn bad esn iphone to clean esn?

There are specialized services that specifically remove the blacklisting from a bad ESN mobile phones. You are required to supply your ESN and MEID or have the CDMA mobile device "flashed", i.e. rewriting the firmware.

What does esn mean?

ESN means Electronic Serial Number. The ESN is an identifier that is inside a cellular phone that does not use a SIM card.

How do you clean ESN from a lithium LG Voyager?

It s not possible.

What does a bad esn mean for cell phones?

It means "Do Not Buy". A bad ESN simply means the phone is locked or for some other reason you CAN NOT get it activated. Ask the seller for the ESN number, call the carrier of the phone and ask them can they run a check on the esn of that phone and they will tell you why the ESN is bad.

What is the motto of ESN vid ร…bo Akademi r.f.?

The motto of ESN vid Åbo Akademi r.f. is 'Live the ESN bubble!'.

What does ESM mean in regards to a cell phone?

ESM is not a proper abbreviation in regards to a cell phone. However an ESN can be typically found written underneath a phone's battery. An ESN is a numeric identifier that uniquely identifies a cellphone.

How long is an ESN?

It depends on whether it is a standard ESN or a Hex ESN. Standard ESNs have 11 digits, while Hex ESNs can have 8 hexadecimal characters (numbers 0-9 and letters A-F).

What is bad esn?

The ESN is used on certain phones to identify them, especially in those that do not have SIM cards. A bad ESN can indicate a stolen, fake and or phone that was never paid off per the terms of its issuing carrier.

What does bad esn mean?

It basically means that the phone is blacklisted (locked) and can't be activated with a wireless carrier for some reason.

What is a esn number?

electronic serial number

How can you find my esn on a sidekick lx?

You can find the ESN number on a Sidekick LX by removing the battery and reading the label. It is a unique number which identifies the phone on the network.

How do you get a cell number from the esn on the back of the phone?

You cannot (as a consumer). Me working in the telecom business can. The ESN is associated with a number, but has no direct interpretation or formula to derive a number from it.

Do iPadS have ESN?

No. The 3G and 4g models have MEID.

Is it bad if your phone has a bad Esn?

no just get good connection.

How do you switch my cell number to a new phone when you don't have a SIM card?

Contact your service provider from a different phone and they will need to get the ESN from the back of the device. There will be a white label inside the phone underneath the battery and the ESN will be there. Once they have the ESN and change it in their billing system they will walk you thru manually programming the new device with your old number

Can you get an esn number with a serial number?

serial number mavis beacon

What does the acronym ESN stand for?

ESN is an acronym that can stand for a number of different things. Some of these include electronic serial number, electronic security number, English speaking nations and engine serial number.

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How do you get esn number out?

Is your sprint cell phone ESN still good after non-payment?


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