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These are the colours used in printing: Cyan



Key (Black)

The colours used on your screen are RGB




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What does the abbreviation 'CMYK' stand for?

CMYK stands for- C= Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow, K=Black

What does CMY stand for in Photoshop?

CMYK stands for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-BlacK

What does the C represent in CMYK?

C in cmyk is cyan

What is the difference between pantone cmyk ec cmyk up and cmyk PC?

PC = process coated ec = euro coated

What is the CMYK for Sepia?

sepia cmyk 0%, 60%, 81%, 63%

What does K mean in CMYK?

The K in CMYK can can stand for either blacK or Key colour.The "K" in CMYK stands for key since in four-color printing cyan, magenta, and yellow printing plates are carefully keyed or aligned with the key of the black.Suggesting that the "K" in CMYK comes from the last letter in "black" and was chosen because B already means is incorrect.Courtesy of Wikipedia;

What does CMYK printing stand for?

CMYK stands for color model, four color. It is the process used in printing where four colors are used to create the desired printed colour. When all the colors are printed together the color black is seen on the page.

What are the cmyk values for Pantone 877?

40% Black. But 877 is a metallic color and can not be matched in CMYK

What are the cmyk colours of the spanish flag?

The dominant colors are red and yellow in the following CMYK delineations.Red: CMYK (%) 0-90-80-5Yellow: CMYK (%) 0-15-95-0There is also the seal of the Kingdom of Spain, which has numerous colors on it.

Which colour has the largest color gamut-rgb or cmyk?

RGB has a larger gamut than CMYK. In order from small to large: sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto RGB. The largest of the CMYK gamut is GRACoL.

Are chameleons RGB or CMYK?


How convert TPX color pantone into cmyk color pantone?

What is the TPX reference code for CMYK 100/95/0/15

How do you convert Pantone TPX to CMYK?

Pantone is system used to standardize color matching. Pantone colors are referenced by the TPX code. To convert Pantone TPX to CMYK, select an item, and then select "convert to CMYK" on the "edit" menu.

What stands K in CMYK why we not use B?

K is used to represent Black in CMYK because B is already used for Blue in RGB.

What is CMYK code?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK, which are the four colors of ink used in standard color printing. A CMYK code is a set of four numbers representing the proportions of those four colors of ink, thus defining a color to be printed.

Why does cmyk make the colors go dull?

well, let me try to explain the answer i am sure that you will reach to the answer... RGB and CMYK are different colour system. RGB Stands accordingly as Red, Green and Blue and CMYK stands accordingly as Cyan, Meganta, Yellow and Black. * RBG colour system is based on "The colour of light Rays" and * CMYK colour system is based on "The Reflection of light Rays" The Reflection of light is always dull than actual light so CMYK make the colors go dull.... -

What is the meaning of CMYK for computer and internet abbreviations?

CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black)

What does K stand for in CMYK?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, respectively. Some people have stated that K is used because it is the last letter of "black." However, that is not correct. Black is symbolized by K, which stands for "key" because in the printing industry the black plate was used as a reference to key, or align, the other color plates. --DrMattB

How do you make an image of particular for print out using adobe photoshop?

First check resolution from Image - Image Size, then convert to CMYK colors from Image - Mode - CMYK

What happens when you convert RGB to CMYK?

The underlying color model in Photoshop is neither RGB nor CMYK but LAB. It has the widest gamut, which means it can hold more color values than any other model. Of the two other models, RGB has more color values than CMYK does. When you convert from RGB to CMYK, the program first "maps" the RGB values into the LAB colorspace. It then maps the LAB values into the CMYK colorspace. Now, for REAL entertainment...take a pure RGB blue, or a pure RGB green, and attempt to map it into CMYK colorspace. It doesn't work at all. Red maps fine, but the other two go straight to hell.

Can photoshop cs2 change rgb color to cmyk color?

ANSWER----Follow the instructions given blow to change RGB color to CMYK color in photo shop CS2 ---1) Open photo shop CS2 ---> 2) make a new document (or open the existing one) --->3) Go to Image ---> 4) Mode ---> 5) CMYK Color -------> Finishnow check your document, you will see your document color has been changed from RGB color to CMYK Color.... EndsSo enjoy with CMYK colorsHope it helpsCheers--------------------------------

How do you convert CMYK colors to TPX pantone?

This is a complicated process. To begin, TPX in Pantone stands for Textile Paper Extended. These colors are meant for printing on fabric. When one has a CMYK image in Photoshop the colors can not just be converted. The only way to incorporate spot color (Pantone) into a rasterized CMYK image is as an extra plate, or spot color channel in Photoshop. One can also create a monotone, duotone or tritone from a CMYK image. To do this the image can not remain in CMYK mode. The process is much easier to do in a vector file. Using the eye dropper or color picker tool in Photoshop one can measure the amount of cyan, magenta, yellow and black in a specific area. Using the swatches palette open the appropriate Pantone library, find the desired color and measure the CMYK content in the same manner. This process will reveal the CMYK equivalent for that specific color.

What does CMYK represent?

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black

How can you find the CMYK values for a pantone color?

By "Pantone Color," you must be referring to Pantone Solid or Pantone Spot Color, because Pantone is the brand of a private company that sets the international standard for print colors. "Pantone" does not indicate that something is not CMYK.The mentioned company, Pantone, produces a swatch book called Pantone Bridge, and has the spot color on one column, and the CMYK process color on the other column so that you can see the color shift between solid and CMYK, as well as the CMYK breakdown. These swatch books are available online or in a local graphics supply store.

Why is it necessary to convert image of a particular color mode into CMYK mode. Can any image be defined in two colors?

CMYK color mode is used for print and does not have as wide of a color gamut as RGB (video screens). So your neon blue will turn into a dull grey blue when converting to CMYK, or your beautiful flower on your computer screen will turn into a vintage photograph in CMYK. (Those are exaggerated examples). By converting to CMYK, you will get a closer preview of what the image will look like once it's printed and you can make adjustments before printing. But be careful because your screen is not accurately representing the printed colors.

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