What does coke cola do to latex?

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Coca-Cola does not have any effect on latex.
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Why are Coca-Cola and Diet Coke so popular?

Coca-Cola and Diet Coke are two brands obviously from the Coca-Cola corporation. Since 1886, Coca-Cola was a huge hit on the street since it's taste was delicious to a load of people. After a huge franchise success that took years to make and a 124 year ad campaign, Coca-Cola is now a huge hit. Diet ( Full Answer )

What parts of your body does coca cola coke damage?

The Original Coca-Cola Coca-Cola got its name from two specific ingredients, thecaffeine-containing cola nut and the coca leaf that it is enhancedwith. For years there were speculations as to whether or not Coca-Colaactually contained any cocaine in it. And yes, initially Coca-Colahad actual doses o ( Full Answer )

Who invented coke a cola?

Coke a cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton it origanlly had the drug Coke and coke was counted as a medicine before poepl realized people could die from it and it became Illegal . (cocaine can break down people's Inhibition's & Behavior people using cocaine are often unfaithful to MOR ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of coke a cola?

The non-diet caffeinated Coca Cola has about 39 grams of sugar! and 34.5 mg of caffein in a 12 ounce serving. Sugar contains 4 calories per gram and so 12 ounces of Coca Cola contains 156 calories of sugar.. Tea has nearly twice the caffeine per ounce, coffee has 4 to 5 times.See: "Caffeine Databas ( Full Answer )

Did coke cola really have cocaine in it?

Yes, when this product was first introduced it was marketed as a medicine of sorts recommended mainly for symptoms such as headaches, exaustion, and nervousness. This was way back in the late 1800's when coke was first introduced. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant; each gallon of ( Full Answer )

How old is coke cola?

It was first sold on May 8th 1886 so however old you consider it to be.

How much is a bottle of coke cola in the Philippines?

40.00 PHP . = . 0.837784 USD . Philippines Pesos United States Dollars 1 PHP = 0.0209446 USD 1 USD = 47.7450 PHP. So if a bottle of coke . 40.00 PHP . costs 40 in phillippines, then its= . 0.837784 USD . Philippines Pesos United States Dollars 1 PHP = 0.0209446 USD 1 USD ( Full Answer )

Why is coca-cola called coke?

in the old days, it used to be a drug with cocaine in it. But it tasted good and they changed it to soda. But when it was a drug cocaine became "coke" for short.

What percent of sugar does 1 coca cola coke have?

One can of Coke Classic has approximately 40.5 g of sugar in it. Using the metric system, we find that 40.5gX(1cm^3/1gram)X(1mL/1cm^3) yields 40.5 mL. . A can of Coke is 355 mL, so then we divide. . (40.5/355)X100 = 11.4% sugar. . So Coke is approximately 11.4% sugar.

What are the positive effects of Coke- Cola?

Coca-Cola is a bomb for your body, it's positive effect are far outoutnumbered by the negative effects. But to answer your question:Cola contains 8- 53 mg per 250 ml glass of caffeine, so: it givesyou a short burst in physical activities, helps you stay late inthe night when learning for an exam, an ( Full Answer )

When was coke-cola invented?

The first Coca-Cola recipe was invented in Columbus, Georgia at a drugstore by John Pemberton, originally as a cocawine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca in 1885. By 1888, three versions of Coca-Cola-sold by three separate businesses-were on the market.

What year did coke a cola come out?

The initial iteration of Coke was released in 1961. After many successful years, they changed the formula because of the inclusion of cocaine as an ingredient. And it's Coca-cola, by the way.

Is coca cola coke sugar refined sugar or aspartame?

Regular Coca-Cola does not contain aspartame (Nutrasweet). Diet Coke and Coke Zero may, or the slightly sweeter non-nutritive sweetener sucralose (Splenda). Most "regular" Coca-Cola sold in the USA uses high fructose corn syrup to sweeten it. Some Coca-Cola sold around Passover is sold with cane s ( Full Answer )

Is the soda called coke the same as coca cola?

The name Coke is a nickname for Coca Cola. A long, long time ago, Coca Cola contained Cocaine in its ingredients, seriously! Cocaine wasn't always outlawed in the US, you know. In fact, over the counter medications would carry some (small) level of Cocaine in their ingredients and doctors would p ( Full Answer )

Coca cola coke vs people of plachimada?

in march 2004 local officials in kerala shut down 16 million coke bolting plant blamed for a drastic decline in bot h quantity and quality of water available to local farmers and villagers in April 2005

What did Coca-Cola do with the new coke?

there's new coke? Yes there WAS a new Coke, but everyone that loved the original Coke, hated it, saying it was too much like Pepsi and much sweeter than the original Coke; it caused quite an uproar, so Coke brought out Coke Classic which was the original formula, and kept them both for a while, then ( Full Answer )

Was cocaine nickname coke named after cocoa cola?

No, Coca-Cola actually used to contain Cocaine it when it was first produced. This is how their 1st customers became "hooked" to the great taste of coke. . These days they use more socialy acceptable drugs like caffiene.

What really is Coke-Cola?

coke cola is really wrong for the heath, it causes isomnia, trouble and many other things

Are coco-cola and coke the same thing-differences?

i don't actually know. when i look it up on the internet, i always see coke and cococola put together or it just shows coco cola and a little bit of diet coke pictures :) :) :) :p :D

Who is the owner of coke cola?

Dwayne carter he also goes by "lil wayne" and has a small job as a rapper on the side from his cola franchise

How does coke a cola work?

Some have to get jobs at local grocery stores to support their family of all their little 8.oz kids at home, sad life really.....

Did coke cola ever have cocaine in it?

Yes. The amount was very small, but originally, there was trace amounts of cocaine in it. It occurs naturally in the coca leaf. That didn't last long. Seven-Up originally was called "lithiated lemon" and had lithium in it, which is used today as a medicinal treatment for depression. But the "drugs" ( Full Answer )

Why did Coca-Cola launched coke zero?

They launched coke zero because they thought that men were too embarrassed to ask for diet coke because it sounded too feminine.

Can coke a cola kill you?

No, not at all. If you drink too much, then get diabetes, that can possibly kill you. Drink it twice every two (2) weeks.

What are the ingredients of a Coke or Coca-Cola?

The main ingredients of Coca-Cola is the syrup it is made from, this is a heavily guarded secret by the manufacturer but it does include ingredients such as cane sugar, caffeine, coca extract & phosphoric acid.

Why is Coca-Cola heaver than diet coke?

A solution of sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) in water isdenser than plain water. A solution of artificial sweetner in water is also denser thanplain water, but artificial sweetners are usually so much sweeterthan sugar that only a tiny amount is needed, so the difference indensity is not great ( Full Answer )

Why is coke zero better for you then coca cola?

Coke zero isn't necessarily better than regular or diet coke. Themain difference between them is the sweetening agent (sugar or cornsyrup or aspartame or splenda). If your weight is not a problemthan you don't neeed a diet drink, otherwise a diet drink may help. Some people choose their drink by fl ( Full Answer )