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What does comprehensive mean?

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Comprehensive in Car Insurance mean when you have an accident with another car, your insurance will cover the cost for you, your car and the third persons car. But when you quote comprehensive the premium will be higher (£120 approx. per month).

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a comprehensive treatise

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She was so comprehensive about tomorrows test, she almost passed out. In the above sentence, I think you mean "apprehensive"

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What do you mean by comprehensive coverage?

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE Auto insurance for the purpose of covering the cost of repair or replacement of the insured's car in case of damage caused by something other than an accident. Comprehensive coverage often requires the payment of a deductible when a claim is made. Comprehensive may be required to qualify for a new car loan.

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The difference between comprehensive and non-comprehensive contract is the amount of service you get. The non-comprehensive contract does not give you service or annual maintenance, while the comprehensive one does.

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Is lastinga synonym for comprehensive

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Is it a collision or comprehensive loss if your garage door falls on your vehicle?