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What does condensation from the water cycle form?

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The last answer was just illogical. Condensation is water droplets in the water cycle.

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What is condensation in a water cycle?

Condensation in the water cycle because the water that was evaporated is changing back into a liquid form.

In what part of the water cycle do clouds form?


What stage of the water cycle is when clouds form?


Which process of the water cycle do clouds form?

During condensation, the water vapor in the air condenses into a cloud.

What processes of the water cycle causes the clouds to form?


Which step in the water cycle would form clouds?


Which part of the water cycle does dew form?

Condensation causes dew to form.

What stage in the water cycle does clouds form?

The stage that clouds form in the water cycle is called Evaporation. actually the cloud is condensation

Clouds form from rising water vapor at which step in the water cycle?


Do clouds form when water condensation?

yes, they do. all part of the water cycle :)

How condensation takes place?

by the process of water cycle that is evaporation of water from water bodies then it forms clouds then condensation in the form of rain

Condensation water cycle definition?

The cooling of water vapor in the atmosphere is known as condensation. It then comes to earth in the form of precipitation.

How does the water cycle form?

Water cycle involves four processes. It undergoes evaporation , condensation, precipitation and collection.

Stage in the water cycle where a gas COOLS to form a liquid?


What process in the water cycle causes dew to form?


What do Clouds Symbolise?

Water, because clouds are made of water in the form of "CONDENSATION" of the Water Cycle.

What happens during condensation in a water cycle?

In the water cycle, condensation, is where water vapor cools, and forms into water droplets. water cycle

Is condensation part of the water cycle?

yes it is condensation or rain are part of the water cycle.

What are all steps in the water cycle?

All four steps in water cycle:evaporation , condensation, precipitation and collectionThey form a continuous cycle.

What does condensation have to do with the water cycle?

Condensation converts gas back to water. It is 2nd step of water cycle.

Why does condensation it have to do with water cycle?

Condensation is water turning from water vapor (gas) into its liquid form. This happens in rain clouds. Clouds are water vapor and when there is too much vapor or it is cool enough the vapor will condense and it will begin to rain. You can also see condensation in the early morning. This is the dew on the grass or on your car. hey this is maria condensation is a cycle, condensation is water turning into from water vapor into its liguid form

How is the water cycle formed?

The water cycle is also know as the hydrologic cycle. The main parts that form the water cycle are evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation. It is powered by the sun.

What is condensation water cycle?

Condensation is the water inside of your water bottle.

What is condensation in the water cycle?

condensation is a build up of water

What processes in the water cycle causes dew to form in the morning?