What does consolidate mean?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Consolidate means to build or to unite into one.

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to solid something

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Q: What does consolidate mean?
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Does concise mean the same thing as consolidate?

No. Consolidate means to gather things together. Concise means to be brief and to the point

What part of speech is consolidate?

Consolidate is a verb.

On iTunes what does consolidate your library mean?

it means that it will save that music to a folder on your itunes library.

How do you use 'consolidate' in a sentence?

At schools, cliques sometimes will consolidate.

What rhymes with consolidate?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word consolidate.

How To Use Consolidate In A Sentence?

The geneals agreed to consolidate forces for the invasion.

Is there a grant to consolidate my bills?

is there a grant to consolidate my bills I will pay it back

How can you get help with consolidate student loans?

In order to consolidate student loans, you'll need to talk with a counselor that can supply you with the correct tools that are needed to financially consolidate.

What is a good sentence for the word consolidate?

He was glad to consolidate his savings by putting them into a new account.

Mao Zedong use the cultural revolution in communist in China to?

consolidate his power

What is the noun form of consolidate?

The noun forms for the verb to consolidate are consolidator, consolidation, and the gerund, consolidating.

When do you consolidate balance sheets?

When there is a relationship between companies as parent and child then it is time to consolidate the balance sheets.