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Cosmetic damage is a degree of physical damage that simply refers to impairment of only the appearance of a covered item, but not its functionality. Example: Discoloration

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Q: What does cosmetic damage mean?
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What does cosmetic wear mean?

Cosmetic wear is damage to the looks of an item. Cosmetic wear does not affect how an item works. It is purely the visual damage. Cosmetic wear can simply be a slight scratch.

What does cosmetic damage mean with a phone?

Something that does no affect the functioning of the phone = eg a scratch on the case - but NOT a broken screen.

What does cosmetic mean?

Cosmetic means "improving beauty", such as cosmetic surgery, or "pertaining to something's surface", for example, superficial damage.

What is cosmetic damage?

Damage that does not affect the drivability or safety of a vehicle. But have a trusted mechanic check it out first.

Why is cosmetic surgery immoral?

Cosmetic surgery is used to fix burns, damage due to accidents and other problems. It is not immoral.

Can you send of your Xbox 360 to Microsoft if chipped?

No, Xbox does not repair cosmetic damage.

Can cosmetic damage be a salvaged title?

Yes, any condition that caused the car to be totaled by an insurance company could cause it to have a salvaged title. A good hailstorm can do thousands of dollars of cosmetic damage resulting in a salvaged title.

Is there Car Damage On midnight Club Los Angeles?

Yes, there is damage but it is all cosmetic. Damaging a vehicle will not effect its drivability or handling.

Will insurance total a 2008 Chevrolet 1500 if the frame is bent but there is no cosmetic damage?

This would depend on what it would cost to repair the damage. If it comes to about 70% of the ACV of the truck, then they would probably total the truck. I don't see how an accident could bend the frame of the truck without any cosmetic damage.

Does homeowners insurance cover gutter damage?

My policy with Progressive/Homesite does not. They point to policy language neglecting to cover cosmetic damage. Not too happy with them.

Where can you buy cosmetic contact lens?

You can buy such lenses through your eye doctor. Purchasing cosmetic lenses from your eye doctor is best so you don't run into and risk of eye damage.

Do lipstick have fins?

i think if you mean by the cosmetic lipstick, than no

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