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Basically it means getting to be the legal guardian of children.

For example, if a couple divorces and the mother is given custody of the children, she then becomes the children's legal guardian and they will usually live with her, often with visits from the father.

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Custody is the right to the care, control, and maintenance of a child and is awarded by a court order. The person with legal custody has the right to make decisions regarding the child. There are different categories of custody.

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What does joint custody mean in New Jersey?

my friend lives in new jersey if she has custody of her children can she move out of state and give her children a good life.

How can you lose custody of your children?

how can you lose custody of your children?

Does Garth brooks have custody of his children?

Did garth get custody of his children in his divorce case

Will Britney Spears lose custody of her children?

She already lost custody of the children. Which I'm glad she did.She already lost custody of her children that's sad

What is primary custody?

Primary custody is generally defined as belonging to the parent with whom the child or children reside with the majority of the time. It does not mean that it cannot be a joint custody arrangement as well.

Does having sole custody mean you can claim your kids and the father cannot?

As long as you have the children 51% of the time. Custody is not an issue regarded by the IRS.

What is joint custody regarding children?

There are three types of joint custody.Joint Legal Custody Similar to sole custody, whereby one parent still retains primary residential custody and control of the children.Joint Physical Custody Otherwise referred to as Split Custody, each parent has residential custody and control of the children 50% of the time.Bird Nest Custody The children remain in the family home and each parent resides there for a designated period of time, then switch.

How can you get custody of your children if the mother dies?

Can i get custody of two children i have cared for since their mother 1 yr ago children are not related to me

Did Vanna White get custody of her children after her divorce?

yes, Vanna White was awarded custody of both children

Is there a difference in a parent who has custody of the children but not married vs the parent that does not have custody and is getting married and is fighting for custody of the children?

Being married or unmarried is not much of a determining factor when it comes to custody nowadays. In order to have custody changed you would need to prove that either your household and parenting abilities are substantially better than the other parent, or that their situation is detrimental to the children. Having a spouse does not necessarily mean that you are better able to care for the children, especially if the other parent has had custody for a significant length of time without the children having any problems in a single parent household.

What is meant by the phrase petitioner further prays for temporary and permanent legal custody and physical care of the children?

The person has petitioned the court for sole legal and physical custody of the children.The person has petitioned the court for sole legal and physical custody of the children.The person has petitioned the court for sole legal and physical custody of the children.The person has petitioned the court for sole legal and physical custody of the children.

Can an out of state parent gain custody of children?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. Generally, the parent who has custody must be deemed unfit for the court to remove the children from their custody. You should seek advice from an attorney who specializes in custody issues in the jurisdiction where the children reside.

How can you can you use the word custody in a sentence?

The couple have shared custody of their child.The suspect is in custody.

If a mother has custody of the children but does not live with them what can a non custodial parent who wants the children do?

The non-custodial parent can go to court and request custody of the children. A judge will decide which parent should be awarded custody of the children. The circumstances under which the children are currently living, combined with the reason(s) they are not living with you will be a big factor in whether or not you get to keep custody of the children.

Does Angelina Jolie want custody of kids?

She already has custody of her children.

Can you give a sentence with the word custody?

The father was awarded custody of his children.

If parents get imprisoned without arranging custody for their children who gains custody in this case?

It depends on the state, usually the state takes the children into custody, or the closest family relative.

How can you get sole custody of your 3 children from a previous relationship?

You can get sole custody of your children from a previous relationship by by filing custody paperwork through the courts. A judge will then review the case and determine which parent should receive custody.

Who gets the custody of the child if the mother is having an affair in UK?

The court care about what is in the best interest of the children and just because one parents had an affair does not mean they are unfit to parent. It can be shared custody or one get it. The court wants the children to have access to both parents. The affair will not be the thing that decides custody.

What does joint custody mean in a divorce?

Parents who don't live together have joint custody (also called shared custody) when they share the decision-making responsibilities for, and/or physical control and custody of, their children. Joint custody can exist if the parents are divorced, separated, or no longer cohabiting, or even if they never lived together.

What does paramount physical custody mean?

It is a term that has the same meaning as primary physical custody meaning the person so awarded has the child or children living with them the greater percentage of time.

Does Nikki sixx have custody of his children?

Joint custody with both ex-wives.

What does a custody lawyer do?

A custody lawyer will help you make decisions about the care and custody of your children in the event of a divorce or seperation.

If parents die without arranging custody for their children who gains custody in this case?

Normally the child/children would become wards of the state until a suitable relative could be found who was willing to take custody of the children

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