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CW = CBS/Warner Brothers. This network is the combined resources of the former UPN (CBS) and WB (Warner Brothers) networks.

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Q: What does cw stand for in cw television?
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What does the CW stand for in regarding to television network.?

CBS and Warner Brothers

What does the CW stand for in regarding to television network?

K red oe

What is the motto of The CW Television Network?

The CW Television Network's motto is 'TV To Talk About'.

When was The CW Television Network created?

The CW Television Network was created in 2006.

What does CW stand for in the CW Network?

Because the CW is owned by CBS and Warner Bros, The C is for CBS and the W is for Warner Bros.

What channel number is the CW on Direct TV?

The CW is channel 19 on DirecTV.

What channel is the cw on directv?

The CW network(WNLO) channel on Direct TV is on Channel 23.

What channel is cw on sky TV?

cw is an American channel so you can not ger it on sky sorry.:(

Cw tv show the game?


What channel is CW TV on dish?


What does 90210 stand for?

The numbers 90210 is a zip code for Beverly Hills, California. 90210 was also a popular television series that aired on Fox and the CW network.

What TV Cartoon character is a sister named CW?

It could be Arthur (but his sister's name is DW, not CW)

What television shows appear on CW?

The Vamires Diaries

What channel is the CW on Direct TV in Arizona?


What original television series on the CW features a same-sex married couple?

The CW does not have an original television series that features a same sex married couple.

What does the C.W. in CW Post campus stand for?

Charles William

What does the initials cw stand for on channel 5?

CBS and Warner Brothers.

Did cw cancle smackdown?

No, In the fall of last year, WWE left the CW and went to My Network TV which is channel 209.

What TV station shows One Tree Hill?

The CW.

What is the difference between a widescreen tv stand a regular tv stand?

A wide screen TV stand is longer than a regular TV stand. A wide screen TV stand is also weighted differently than a regular TV stand. This will help it balance the larger television set.

What does the cw logo on a can of Copenhagen stand for?

Kansas knowledgeIt stands for the the man who started the Copenhagen brand in 1822, Mr. Weyman. "CW" stands for "Weyman's Copenhagen"

What channel is CW-TV on dish in boerne?

In Boerne, TX, CW can be found on Ch. 35 on DISH in both SD and HD.

When is the TV show Reaper on?

It is on the CW on Tuesday's at 8:00 pm.

What is one tree hill?

it is a tv show that comes on th CW

When is smallville on tv?

Smallville is on the CW at 8pm eastern on Thursday nights.