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It means we are in trouble. To have a democracy to work people have to trust the government and people they elect. The recent campaign of accusations of "fake news" is very bad for a democracy. For the most part I think the majority of news items are factual because without a free press we are going to loose our rights and democracy. There also has to be an understanding of the constitution and the history of the United States. I think this is lacking for most people.

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Q: What does decline in public trust mean for democracy in united state?
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Which feature of the united states constitution traditionally gives the state authority over public education?

reserved powers

Is the US a parliamentary democracy?

United States: Not a DemocracyThough commonly called a democracy, the United States is actually a Constitutional Replublic. Constitutional republics and democracies are similar, but there are key differences. In a constitutional republic, government officials are elected by the people to represent them. The officials are to govern according to existing constitutional law, which limits government's power over the people. Thus, the focus is on governing according to constitutional law.In a democracy, the primary source of political power is the people, not a constitution. The power may be exercised directly or through elected officials. In either case, whatever the majority of people decide is what rules.So, though the United States has mistakenly been referred to as a democracy throughout history, its true form of government is constitutional republic.

What kind of government does Guam have?

Guam is a representative democracy that is a territory of the United States. President Barack Obama is the head of state, and the people are American citizens. Guam is situated in the Pacific Ocean.

A Greek city state with democratic government?

Athens, a city-state in ancient Greece, was the birthplace of democracy.

Who is is the leader in a presidential democracy?

A presidential system is a system of governmentwhere a head of government is also head of state and leads an executive branch that is separate from the legislative branch. The United States, for instance, has a presidential system

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Who is involved in democracy?

In a democracy, the people or public is involved with the entire apparatus of the state.

In a direct democracy how do they select state public officials?

There are no officials in a direct democracy, in a direct democracy all citizens vote on all the issues, unlike a representative or an indirect democracy (which is what the united states is). In a indirect democracy citizens of voting age who are registered to vote elect officials.

What type of state is United Kingdom?

It is a Parliamentary Democracy and a Constitutional Monarchy.

What is government public policy?

public policy means welfare of the state. public policy can also be said as democracy (By the people ,For the people ,To the people.)

The government of the United Kingdom is a?

Constitutionally Monarchy, Unitary State and Parliamentary Democracy

Why do united state start so many war?

to keep democracy "safe".

How did the Great Depression impact the United State and Germany differently?

It contributed to the fall of democracy in Germany, But not in the United States

The United States is an example of?

The United States is an example of a superpower state. It is also an example of a democracy, an example of a mixed economy and an example of a federal State.

Who has main responsibility for the public education in the United state?

The state government is responsible for providing a form of public education.

The United states is democracy or indirect democracy?

In ancient Greece, the city state of Athens had a democracy where each and every citizen voted on a matter. The United States has an indirect democracy where the citizens vote for representatives into a body (the senate and house of representatives) and they are the ones who actually vote for legislation.

What's a state democracy?

All 50 since they are part of the United States and not separate counties.

Is the US a republic or democracy?

Technically, the United State of America is a Democratic Republic.