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After I go to the cafeteria.

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Q: What does despues voy ala cafeteria means?
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Voy a ir a mi casa despues del trabajo?

'Voy a ir a mi casa despues del trabajo' translates literally as 'I am going to go to my house after the work'.

Is it correct to say Despues de asisto la escuela voy a casa?

I would say "Despues asisto la escuela, iré a casa. "

How do you say i am moving to Spain?

Lla me voy ala chingada

What is the phrase i am going to sleep ill talk to you later in spanish?

Trabajo mas tarde, me voy a dormir ahora, te quiero mucho.

How do you say I'll buy decorations in Spanish?

Voy a comprar adornos.

How do you say Voy in English?

"Voy" in English is translated as "I go."

What does voy mean in spanish?

Voy is the "yo" (first person) conjugation of ir, which means "to go." Voy means "I go."

What does no voy a ir mean?

no voy a ir means im not going

What does voy a la cama mean?

"Voy a la cama" means "I go to bed" in English.

What is voy in the past tense in spanish?

voy is the singular conjugation of "ir" which means "to go" so voy is "I go". al is a combination of "a el" meaning "to the" so "voy al" means "I go to the"

What does despues de unas vacasiones obligadas esta semana por fin voy a trabajar sin rumbo fijo ni direccion mean in English?

In English it means, "After some obligatory vacations, this week, at last, I'm going to work without a fixed course or direction."

What do voy and va mean?

"Voy" means "I go" and "va" means "he/she goes" in Spanish. They are conjugated forms of the verb "ir," which means "to go."