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Q: What does determined look like in kanji?
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What does determined to succeed look like in kanji?

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What does your name look like in kanji?

Kanji cannot be used for foreign names. It just doesn't work like that.

How do you spell kanji in japanese?

Kanji can be spelled two different ways. One way is the hiragana version: かんじ The kanji version of the word kanji would look like this: 漢字 The katakana version is not used in the proper Japanese text but katakana of kanji would look like this: カンジ Again, the katakana version is not used in proper Japanese text.

What does the word tree look like written in Japanese?

tree looks like this in kanji: 木 pronounced ki.

What does faith look like in kanji?

信仰 (しんこう)

Kono kanji boku daikirai what this mean?

i do not like this kanji very well

How do you say bone in Kanji?

Bone in Japanese kanji looks like this. Bone: 骨 Bone in Japanese is pronounced like this. Honei

What order do you learn kanji?

You can start from the Japanese 1st grade level, then to the 2nd grade level, and work yourself upward that way. Search Google for "Japanese 1st grade kanji" or something similar. If you learn some basic kanji characters, you will be able to read basic Japanese text, and from there, you can look up unfamiliar kanji in a Japanese dictionary like However, there is no "order" to learning kanji, and you can learn in whatever order you please.

How does Danielle in Kanji look like?

Only Japanese names (and possibly Chinese names) are written in kanji, though a Japanese person may be able to choose out some good characters from the 4,800+ kanji characters in existence. If you want to know your name in KATAKANA (foreign words writing), it's ダニエル.

What does Leo look like in kanji?

Cant Say look it up on wikipediea But Breauna Bullock Knows what Leo looks like Her ant Sister waz the Leo look more up about Breauna bullock Brezzy on wiki answers

What does the word 'kitsune' look like when written in Japanese?

In kanji (Chinese characters): 狐 In hiragana: きつね In katakana: キツネ

What does Ame look like in Japanese?

English meaning: Rain Romaji (Roman writing): Ame Hiragana: あめ Kanji: 雨