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Q: What does doijobu anata wa mean in english?
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What does anata wa kangei suite iru mean in English?

anata WA kangei + your welcome not so sure about the "suite iru" part

What is the phrase you are when translated from English to Japanese?

anata WA eg. you are stupid - anata WA bakka desu you are cute - anata WA kawaii desu you are a cat - anata WA neko desu

What is anata wa watashi in english?

It means "you are me".

What is 'tokorode anata wa' in English?

"By the way, you ...."

Translate Anata wa baishunpudesu to English?

"You are a prostitute/hooker"

How do you say your fat in Japanese translated to English?

Anata WA debu.

How do you say anata wa itsumo kerei in English?

"You are always pretty."

What does anata no machi wa shizuka desu ka mean in Japanese?

Anata = you Anata no = your machi = town machi wa = (the sentence is talking about a town) shizuka = quiet desuka = is it? (is this sentence true?) Anata no machi wa shizuka desuka? = Is your town quiet? (referring to where you live)

What is the word 'are' when translated from English to Japanese?

simply, Desu. eg. who are you? - anata wa dare desu ka? where are you? - anata wa doko desu ka? are you ill? - anata wa byouki desu ka? are they new? - arera wa atarashii desu ka? ect. Desu means: Are, Is, and am.

What is the phrase 'You are boring' when translated from English to Japanese?

Tsumaranai na, Anata wa...

What is the meaning of doshite anata wa sabishii desu ka?

"Doshite" means "Why?" (like "Why did you do that?"); "Anata wa" can mean "You", because "Anata" means "You" and the "wa" is the verb that is used for almost everything (like "Anata wa sugoi!", "You are incredible!"); "Sabishii" means "sad"; "Desu ka" also means "Why" but it is only used in the end of the question. "Doshite anata wa sabishii desu ka?" means "Why are you sad?" I hope that I helped you out! ^^

How do you say You're mean in Japanese?

"Anata wa hidoi desu." or you could just say "Hidoi desu", but that would lean towards the translation of "That was mean." or "That's mean."Anata wa - You are/You'reHidoi - MeanDesu - It is