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Domestication of wild animals means that people take wild animals and keep them as pets or farm animals. Domestication is often used to mean taming an animal. It can also be used for plants grown as crops. After this is done for several generations, especially when we breed them selectively, the domesticated population begins to show distinct genetic differences from the wild forms. This could eventually lead to new species.

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Q: What does domestication of wild animals mean?
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How did the domestication of animals start?

The domestication of animals began by wild dogs hung around camps and people said lets teach them how to serve us

Are parrots wild animals?

Yes, parrots are wild animals. They are not like dogs and have not descended from anything. The most domestication a bird has had is 200 years, which is the canary's case. Parrots are not being exported from the wild legally any more, though, so they have a couple years of domestication in them.

Can African wild dogs be tamed as house pets?

they do not welcome domestication, they are wild animals and prefer to live in packs

What is a sentence for domestication?

The domestication of the horse was a major point in human history. He was not suited to domestication and the house made it obvious.

How do you spell domestication?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "domestication" (adopting from the wild), from the noun to domesticate. Both animals (e.g. horses, dogs, chickens) and plants (e.g. bananas) can be said to have undergone domestication.

How did the domestication of wild animals change the lives of early man?

by the solar system of france

What is the main reult of the domestication of animals?

what is the main result of the domestication of animals?

Why was domestication of animals started?

Domestication of animals probably began with the taming of wild dogs. In most cases of domestication, humans benefit from the products of the animals (such as meat for food or wool for clothing) or from the animals' services and behaviors (such as horses used for transportation or cats killing pests). Sometimes the animals we domesticate are purely for our enjoyment (like cute guinea pigs and rabbits).

What is the process of bringing wild animals and plants under human control called?

it is called domestication by humans

What is demestication?

You may mean domestication, which is to control the behavior or reproduction of animals.

What is the concept of domestication in government?

Don't know what you mean. The word "domestication" in English means taking a wild thing (animal) and making it safe to live with humans.

What is the difference between domestication and nationalization?

domestication is taming the wild, and nationalism is patriotism for one's nation.

Why was domestication of animals important?

Domestication was important because if they didn't domesticate animals in the olden days then some of the animals that help us today might not be able to do what they do.

How did domestication of plants and animals affect people?

Domestication of plants and animals affected people because they could 'control' the plants and animals and the people could get food and supplies out of them.

What does it mean when you are being chased by wild animals?

It means wild animals don't like you.

What is the taming of animals called?


What is the taming of animals such as cattle?


What is the best definition of agriculture?

The domestication of plants and animals

When was domestication of animals invented and by whom?

Animals domestication has been documented in ancient Egypt, and has probably been around many years before that.

When did domestication of animals begin?

When did domestication of animals begin? The answer is at the end of the old stone age and the beginning of the new stone age.

Which period domestication started?

The New Stone Age is when domestication started .You can domesticate animals and plants.

What does domestication mean in social studies?

the process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans.

What are same examples of the domestication of wild animals?

Wild horses were domesticated to use for transportation. Cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens were also domesticated from wild species. Dingoes were domesticated into dogs, as were wolves. The ancient egyptians domesticated cats.

What is incipient domestication?

Incipient domestication is when a plant or animal that has previously been considered wild or non-domesticated begins to show signs of domestication. For example, studies have shown that raccoons that have crossed over into city districts have taken on some of the characteristics of domestic animals, such as a lack of fear of humans, invasions of homes, etc.

What is a sentence for the word domestication?

Domestication means taming animals for their useful features. Domestication allowed humans to exploit the strength of other animals like cows and horses.

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