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Q: What does double stacked extacy pills look like?
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What crime did taj he spitz commit?

he got caught with like 3000 extacy pills

How much is extacy?

extacy is about 5 to 10 dollarsbut when your at a rave its like 10-20

What can happen if you mix different types of extacy pills?

you shouldn't mix 2 pills 2gether for example , it like mixing 2 difference feeling calm & horny ? if you do so mix you will get a stomach flu & throw up (=

What is a double broiler?

That sounds like a double boiler, which is top pots stacked together with water in the bottom one heating the top pot.

How do you get someone on a double stacked table on svr 09?

you need to get someone that's a tables speacialist like Edge and the opition double stack should appear

Is extacy good?

Is Extacy good? Extacy is only good it you take it and your on it. Its very bad for your body and if you do enough basically your spinal fluids drain out of your body in your pee. Doing extacy is a fun and lovable expierence but the next day is like a harsh hangover worst then drinking i think but that's only if you do enough of it

Can a drug test come out postitive by touching extacy?

it depends on what kind of test it is, but yes, things like dogs would pick up the smell of extacy.

What are the ratings and certificates for Stacked Like Me - 2006 TV?

Stacked Like Me - 2006 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

What does ecstasy look like?

Extacy is small, round and has a chalky texture. They come in all colors and shapes and some have stamps on the front of them which is used to name the pill. The thickness of the pill varies also. There are single, double, and triple stack pills and the tbickness doesn't necessarily determin the quality of the pill. Some break very easily and others are hard.

What is stacked up in the cell like pancakes?


Should you drink orangejuice on extacy?

You can drink whatever you like on ecstasy (preferably not alcohol though)

What is the definition of club drugs?

Club drugs are more like Extacy, Coke, and maybe methamphetamine.

What do the pills look like?

what pills are u talkin about

What actors and actresses appeared in Stacked Like Me - 2006?

The cast of Stacked Like Me - 2006 includes: Sophie Collins as Additional Animation Narrator Judy Holm as Narrator

What ectasy pills look like?

Ecsatsy pills can look like an ordinary pills due to many people making them look differently.

What is a hink pink like stacked fashion mean?

pile style

What does a triagular prism look like?

imagine a bunch of triangles stacked

What is in estacy?

MDMA is the active ingredient in extacy but usually there are other drugs like speed and other amphetamines mixed in it.

What is the severity of the withdrawal of ecstasy?

Extacy is only mentally addictive, not physically. so it all depends on how much you like it.

What is the record for the most golf balls stacked up in a row?

I think it is like 6 or something like that.

What does trimeth sulfa pills look like?

They are like little pellet shaped pills, mine are orangish / reddish and they are not that big.

What actors and actresses appeared in Guitars Flying Over Amps Stacked Like Stonehenge - 2014?

The cast of Guitars Flying Over Amps Stacked Like Stonehenge - 2014 includes: Charles Massa as The Gentleman with the Umbrella

Whats the Effect of green UFC extacy pills?

The Green UFC's are acid based, I know cause those where the first ones i took so yeah, if you take enough you could see things. they make you seem as if you are melting, and you feel like you have to work extra hard to move any part of your body.

What does tranquilizers look like?

some can be pills they are yellow and white some can be pills they are yellow and white

How do you take fish oil pills?

Like any other pills, take it with water and swallow.