What does double tap do in zombies?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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If u are referring to COD it makes you shoot faster or u can call it rapid fire for all guns

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Q: What does double tap do in zombies?
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What does double tap do in nazi zombies?

it makes you shoot faster

What does double tap root beer do in zombies for black ops 2?

Double Tap Root Beer increases the rate of fire of your weapons.

How do you get rapid fire in black ops zombies?

You need to buy double tap root beer, which on the zombies map Kino Der Toten is located in the alley.

What are all the perks in call of duty black ops zombies?

Quick revive, juggernog or juggernaut, Speed Cola, and Double tap.

What does double tab do in cod black ops zombies?

Double tap basically makes your gun shoot faster just like in Call Of Duty World at War.

What are all the types of perks you can get in call of duty zombies?

it depend sif your playing black ops zombies or world at war zombies black op zombies has stamin up double tap and PhD flopper regular world at war zombies has speed cola jugger nog and quick revive

How do you grow zombies in zombie farm?

Tap on crops than switchto zombies and choose one than tap on a plowed field to plant

What are the power ups in zombies on black ops?

Zombies: Root Beer- Double Tap Speed Cola - faster reloading Quick Revive - Revive Allies Faster Jugg-Nog - More Health

How can you make plants in Plants vs Zombies?

tap on the plant then tap on the spot that you want it in

How do you change your gun cod zombies on ipod touch?

Double tap the weapon icon located on the upper right corner of the screen. You should have played the tutorial.

What are the perks in black ops zombies?

juggernog, speed cola, quick revive, mule kick, double tap rootbeer, stamin up, phd flopper, deadshot,

Where is double tap on ascension?

There is no double tap as far as i kno